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I've decided that I want an avocado tree.

I know! How super cool!

And I want one because they are so, well, difficult.

They're like not ready, not ready, not ready...over done.  

So you know, avocado's are the most annoying fruit in the world.  And yes, they are fruit.  

Actually, technically they are berries.

See?  How could you not love an avocado.

And do you know how many vitamins and minerals and amazeball stuff avo's are crammed with?

Millions!  Ok, fine well, maybe not actual millions but heaps, so let's have a look-see...

1) An avocado has more potassium than a banana.

2) The antioxidants, amino acids and essential oils inside an avocado repair damaged hair, moisturize dry skin, treats sunburn and helps minimize wrinkles.

3) I could continue here, but I want to talk about my new tree now.

So, after having done a bit of googling, I found this super easy recipe for growing my own avo...

1) Cut avo in half and scoop out flesh.

2) Gently wash stone in the middle, without scrubbing off the brown layer.  The brown bit is the seed cover.

3) Avo's have a top and bottom.  I know, another super cool fact!  But anyway, the slightly pointier bit is the top and the flat end is the bottom.  

4) Pierce with four (4) toothpicks or skewers in the middle.  Not too far in.

5) Put avo in a glass of water so that the bottom is sitting in the water, this is so the roots can start growing.  Keep the top free and clear from water though.  This is why you use the tooth picks - to keep the seed balanced in the glass without falling completely in. 

6) Wait for it to grow.

Because it will.

The roots will come through, the skin will crack and new beginnings will happen.

Actually, while this is happening do a little wish spell.  Ask for your desires to come into fruition and then watch them take root.

And Boom! one avocado tree happening.

You're welcome.

Happy Monday, baby.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit


Oh, almost forgot, change the water weekly.

** When big, move and re-pot.