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I have to talk about bullying today because, well, I've just had a really disturbing conversation.  Actually, make that two.

The first one was about a little girl.  A real little one, not the she-devil teenage chick going through a Goth phase one, and it goes like this...

A group of other little girls have taken a dislike to her.   

No problemo, right?  Kids always do kids stuff.

I totally agree.  

But these kids talk about killing her.  They talk about tying a noose around her neck - and the worse part is, they have shown her the rope.  

And this is where things get a bit difficult.

That to me is not bullying.  That is, my fine friend, one Mother A** of a problem.

Which has brought up quite a few issues, because I talk about speaking your Truth, but how does that work when you're 6?  

And how does it work, talking through an issue, when that issue causes you physical harm?  Have you not already crossed that line of, talking things through?

I think so.

Actually, I believe in this instance, that Talking through the Place of Wellness is really a wave while we drive past.

And I think it is because deep down, I'm a fighter.

I allow no one to come in and stomp on myself or my son. To upset our boundaries, kick our belief system or hurl abuse at, or into, our home.


But then I had my second, almost identical conversation when I caught up with a girlfriend later.  We were having a cuppa and talking about another young one at school who is doing it hard.  We were saying that we didn't remember it being this bad when we were younger.

And it's true, but I blame Social Media.  

That's you, Facebook.  

Because it's made cowards, keyboard hero's.

Every no friend nong can say any vile, malicous and/or nasty thing that they want, and there's not one thing you can do about it.  And this Energy, whether you want to accept it or not, is translating into meaness in real time. As we are seeing with our children.

But back to my little 6 year old girl, what do I do?

Well, I'm going to do what I always do when immediate answers fail me, I'm going to tell you a story. 

It was close to 20 years ago now, when I was doing all my radio shows.  I was super busy and it was a crazy, crazy time.  I'd just started online with websites and such, and life was good.  

Crazy, but good.

And I got this email one day, from someone I didn't know, and they had sent me an e-card.  No problem, lots of clients sent me cards to thank me, wish me a good day etc, etc.

So, I opened the link.

It took me to a Suicide Site showing all the different ways you could choose to die, with a lovely message saying, Go kill yourself, Tania.

That was one ugly, ugly day.

But now I think about it, there were other bullying experiences.  The guy who painstakingly cut out words in magazines, then glued them all together to make his toxic letters that he sent to me.  Those people who tracked down my personal number to then spew venom and hate down the phone and of course, the good old fashioned haters.  

You know, I'd forgotten all about those things and even the e-card, until now.


Fight for yourself.  Fight for your children.

Much love as always

T and Spirit