30 Sec's on....



Saturn's making a visit right now and if you are anything like me, you will be stripping everything down to the bare naked facts.

Because it is a time of redefining boundaries and absolute truths.  It is a great time for decision making, but it is a really mean Mother of a time for putting in the spotlight, things that you are lacking in.

Saturn critiques.  Harshly.

And if you are not careful, you will find yourself lacking.

You will only see what you are doing wrong.  

Not that you are in the process, doing the right process and making great, long-term strides.  

Which can make you work on fear, throw out the baby with the bathwater, give up and walk away.  

However, in having given you that warning, I love working with Saturn.

Because Saturn highlights what needs more work to succeed, or succeed in the way that I wish.  

Saturn shines a light on where I want to be bigger.

Stronger, more empowered.  

So, yes, I have more frustration around this time and I definitely get days where I'm like, 'scuse me, can you reach over, pick that up, dust it off and pass it back to me please when it comes to my ego, but I refuse to get lost in a moment.  Especially when, this moment with a little bit of fine tuning, can lead to a truly great destination.

However, then Pluto starts playing.

And things really get fun here because Pluto is all about change.  Definite, long-lasting and non-negotiable change.  It speaks of power and unearths every single down and dirty emotion that you don't want to own.  Pluto doesn't play nice but it does play to win.  

And to do that it will drag you kicking and screaming into an authentic life whether you want it or not.

Because it knows you want.

And just when you think, crossed fingers, holding your breath and having a quick prayer, you're doing ok, Mercury joins the party.

And what a party it is.

So, this is a crazy, Mother A** time.

But these Energies are not about causing chaos and mayhem and making your life bad but rather are all about living an authentic life.  

Diving into the depths of the truth of your Truth.  Getting your hands dirty in the soil of your life, breathing vitality into the seeds that you really want to grow, owning the water, being the sun.

It is a scarily intense time, but awe inspiring in it's power.

Be empowered.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit