30 Sec's on....



You know, I don't know about you, but some days I have no idea how the young one and I share the same DNA.

No, seriously, no idea.

Because he's a head man.  He loves facts and figures, lists and statistics.

My life consists of colours and emotions, tastes, textures and touch.  

The young one would dive into facts and happily swim all day long.

I lose interest the exact moment I can't reach out and touch a colour or taste an emotion.

Even the way we handle situations are different:

The young one is, There is a process...

I'm more of a, F*k the process.  

The young one's also got the wickedest sense of humour, coming out with some fine one liners.  

Me on the other hand, you have to know me to truly appreciate my wit.

Yet all that aside, we have the most awesome relationship and the coolest conversations.

I think it's all to do with the Silver Cord.

The Silver Cord in metaphysical terms (also referred to as The Sutratma or Life Thread of the Antahkarana) is the life giving linkage from the higher self (atma) down to the physical body.

However, I personally believe in the concept of The Silver Cord of Destiny.

Those that we belong to and belong to us back.  

And the Silver Cord of Destiny is literally what it says, those to whom we are promised.  

Because I believe that before our children are conceived we make an agreement with Spirit.  We negotiate and barter with Spirit, we chit chat, agree, disagree in some instances, but ultimately choose our children. 

Then we get on with conceiving and then raising them, to the best of our ability.

And that is why we have tummy buttons...

Physical proof that the Silver Cord of Destiny links us, and we did, do and will forever, belong.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit