30 Sec's on....



So, there I was reading an article the other day, about how scientists have found a pill which will stop you putting on weight.


Until I realized, that it wasn't for people who were trying to do the right thing by diet and exercise, but rather it allowed you to eat fat and not have consequences.

I know, sometimes Spirit must be shaking their head in despair.

But seriously, we have one of the highest rates of obesity in the world.  And we're getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  Not just us as adults but also our kids.  But that's not surprising really because it all starts in the home, and if the adults eat like cr*p then the kids follow suit.

That's not rocket science.

But on a personal note, we've eaten pretty well here for quite some years now, because the young one rowed and you have to be fit for that.  However, to get him on the water fit I did go on a food crusade.  Completely freaked out when I realized what we were actually eating, got hooked on not eating food with numbers and words I couldn't pronounce and Hey presto! we were living a completely different life.  

We tried lots of different ways of eating along the way though, and one thing quickly became clear, the young one and I ate different foods to be healhy.

I love seafood, fruits, avocado, tomato, chocolate and freshly baked sourdough bread while the young one could live on steak for breakfast, lunch, dinner and every snack in between. 

So, we negotiated and had as fresh a food as we possibly could.  

And home baking.  

The young one, in case you haven't noticed, makes rules to suit himself.

But all jokes aside, let's skip 8 years ahead, and the young one came back from America, completely freaked out.  He had never before seen people have to use motorised wheelchairs/scooter type things, because they were fat.

So fat they couldn't walk by themselves.

And that's why I'm totally against these new fat pills.  

In fact, I'm Miss Anti with any pill which encourages you to have change happen without you having to do change.

Don't take what you haven't earnt.

Have a totally awesome Monday, baby.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit