30 Sec's on....



I love to read, actual books that is, not Read as in my work, although I love that too.

Anyway, I've had a couple of odd conversations this week which have reminded me of two of my childhood books.

Well, actually one book, but since I didn't like it, reminded me of another book that I didn't like either.

Sort of a two for one deal.

Anyway, the first conversation was with one of my young friends, him and his mate are having huge success at the moment.  Like H.U.G.E. which is super great because he's totally cool and they deserves success.  They've worked really hard.  

But anyway there my mate and I were chatting away the other day, and then the next minute he said, And now, everyone wants to talk to us.

There was that funny silence.


I took a moment to check my thoughts to action appropriate response reflex (trust me, that's a completely different conversation) and then continued,

You better be checking these new friends of yours.  And this is where I remembered my first childhood book, The Emperor's New Clothes.  

Now actually, I don't know whether I've mentioned this or not, but I never really liked this book.  

And the reason for this is simple, I thought it was stupid.

Let me give you a brief run down, there was an Emperor, he got a new tailor and to cut a long story short, because already I'm bored and slightly frustrated again, he ended up wearing "new clothes".  In reality though he was naked and everyone around him, because he was the Emperor, kept telling him that he looked fabulous in his new clothes, because they were all spineless sucker-uppers, who had no substance.

And he didn't like people disagreeing with him.

Told you, I didn't like it.

But that's what I was talking about with my young friend.  You don't need people who ignore you when you are struggling for success, yet are all over you like "white on rice", when success comes a knocking.

Keep your head on and remember your friends, because it's your crew who will tell you when you're naked, baby.

The second convo was, How do I tell my friend she's being played?

That conversation was pretty easy to fix, Don't waste your breath. The Emperor doesn't want to hear.

So, you can understand why this book kept popping up.  But then it made me think of my second, least favorite childhood book, Pig Will, Pig Won't.  

Which, since you so nicely asked, is all about the "good pig" Pig Will, and "bad pig" Pig Won't.  

No surprises for guessing why I dislike this book.  

But anyway, those two books often got read to me and ultimately did make a difference, because I carried their not so subtle messages, into my adulthood...

1) Don't be an Emperor and

2) Fry that bacon up, baby and pass me the eggs.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit