30 Sec's on....



I don't know about you but I have a serious case of Foot in Mouth at the moment.

Actually, that's not 100% accurate, it's more, Think it, don't speak it disease.

Of which I am failing quite dismally.

I mean, I try to be kind when I speak and often I am.  Most times I am. Because I understand that sometimes life is unkind, that people can be cruel and a little kindness can travel a thousand miles.  So, I try really hard to be the bearer of that kindness.

But I'm also a Reader.

That's part of my DNA, it lives and breathes inside me, pulsating and vibrating and running through my veins.

But sometimes, not often thank Spirit, but just sometimes, the two are at odds, and I cannot be both a Reader and kind.  Which is kind of disturbing, especially so, when I've known someone a long time.  Not that that should make a difference, but it sort of does.  

But the funny thing is, every single time when that choice arises, I always promise myself, I'm going to be really kind when I speak of this... yet half way through opening my mouth, Boom! I'm a Reader and I'm slipping and sliding and the words are tumbling out of my mouth.

And the consequences can be devasting.

But being a Reader and doing the work I do is not a choice.  It never has been.  You are born to this work and Spirit let you play for a while, then they call you home.  

Literally, they call you home and tell you it's time to work. 

Which is cool when things are all rosy in the garden and the sun is shining but is very, very bad when you're caught in a snow storm with a bikini on.

And I thought about this today, when I got caught in the snow storm and I was talking nineteen to the dozen.  The words were tumbling out and none were warm and gentle, giving you warm fuzzies and pictures of unicorns. They were cold and harsh and I hate to say it, mean as a Rottweiler.

And when I finally finished talking, feelings were hurt and bruised and sad.  

I tuned into Spirit later and asked, why they still let me be a Reader.  We're supposed to be kind and generous, loving and soft.  And I had been none of those things.  

But the reason for this was simple...

I fight like a b*tch when the chips are down.

When you're in trouble, real trouble, I'm there fighting in your corner.  

When decisions have to be made, the bad kind, I'm there fighting for you.  

For you, and sometimes with you.  But mostly for.  When you're too tired, too sad, too overwhelmed.  

Because Spirit know this one Divine Truth...

Sometimes you don't get a do over.  You only have one chance to get it right. 

Just one.

Have a beautiful Monday, baby.  Make it count.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit