30 Sec's on....




I am loving this Energy at the moment, which is kind of weird because I thought this Eclipse Energy would be really disturbing.

And it kind of is but it isn't, if you know what I mean.

Actually, it reminds me of a tornado.

The Energy is high and fast with twists and turns, thunder, lightning and gale force winds, threatening foundations and shaking up that which is not strong.  

And yes, there are battles that seem to be lurking around every corner but then again, you don't want things pretending to work, when they actually don't.

So, these battles are actually a blessing in disguise.

I know, talk to the hand, but seriously, this time is awesome in it's integrity of stripping your life back to bare essentials.  

And change.

Either voluntarily or involuntarily.

However, this Energy is not here to rip apart and cause chaos and mayhem just for the sheer hell of it, but to trim the fat so to speak, to make things stronger, better and more abundant.

And I'm all for that.

It is also, about making your life happier.  More authentic.  So, these changes are all about, Are you doing that which makes you happy?  Are you using your talents in their best way?  Is laughter a part of your day?  

So, Spirit will be calling you to slow down, shave off any excess baggage you're carrying, walk away from stagnant situations, toxic conflict and generally offering you better, and more positive options as to how to live your authentic life.

Now that's powerful.

I can also promise you that what you started with five weeks ago is not what you will have 8 weeks from now.  You know this, you've already seen change and know more is to come. 

And parts of it are not going to be pretty, because change and especially the involuntary kind, never is.  It is hard and mean and ugly.

But the results are so worth it.  That clean smell after the rain has come and the sun is shining once again.  

And the rainbow that always, always appears.  

Sit in the eye of the tiger, baby, then ride that Mother.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit