30 Sec's on....



So, in the realm of It's winter, let's try something different, I decided to do something new last week.

In theory, it sounded awesome.  

In reality it lasted three days.  But you know, I gave it a decent go.  Well, decent-ish considering what a clean freak I am.

Anyway, it goes like this...

I decided to stop washing my hair.  Not for a day or so but you know, permanently.

Now, before you go, Ewwww yuck!  That's disgusting!  Actually, it's not.

I have a friend who hasn't washed her hair in 3 years.  

Three years.

And it looks fantastic.

It is long, vibrant, thick (no, not stuck together because of bug poo) and gorgeous.  It does not smell, is not greasy, does not have bugs living in communes in it, and feels amazing.

Really.  Well, seriously, I was never going to try this unless I'd actually touched it myself.  And it passed the touch test with flying colours.

But, and this is the really interesting thing, it works out that when you stop washing you hair, it goes a bit on the dodge side for a few weeks but then, if you can walk through this time, your hair actually makes itself clean.  Like a self-serving gizmo.  Dirty, dirty, dirty...clean.

So, I amped myself up and stopped washing.

Day 1 was fine.  I could do that.

Day 2 was a little less fine.  It felt ok, but wasn't looking as good.

Day 3 was really trying my patience.  I knew that if I could last through these days then I could come through the other side and I was prepared to be brave.  

And my hair was not smelling.  It was also looking ok, just, but what started playing with my head (s'cuse the pun), was I swear, hand on heart, that it started looking as if I had less hair.  

Although to be fair, that could just have been me being paranoid.  

So, I tried to be brave.  

Really brave.  

I tried to think of Cleopatra, and that worked for a few hours.  Actually, right up until the time I passed the mirror and realized I was not in fact, Cleopatra but instead, Worzel Gummidge, which I do have to say even freaked me out a bit.  

But still I thought I could do be brave.  Until I felt my scalp itch.  Then I could only imagine families of bugs, making themselves at home in my scalp.

Which was most probably not accurate, considering it had only been 68 hours.  

But, and I don't know about you, when I get a thought in my head, it takes a whole Universe to shift it. And the Universe was telling me my scalp was itchy.  

So I had a scratch.

And there you have it, one scratch led to ten and the next minute there I was in the shower, lathering up like there was no tomorrow.  Then did it again to make sure.  And don't even get me started on conditioning masks.

I may be the girl who has some great ideas...this was not one of them.



Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit