30 Sec's on....



I've had the unexpected pleasure of being around young ones this week.

And it is a pleasure, because I love their enthusiasm and passion for love, life and saving the planet.  And I love them because we need our young ones to be passionate.  

Ok, ok, maybe not so passionate in some areas, but overall I love their enthusiasm for life.

So, having them share stories, hopes, dreams, travel and love stories with me is something I really enjoy.

But what has also come up this week which I am less than enthused about, is some of the stories I'm hearing from these young ones, about older people.

The small mindedness, pettiness and downright meaness, I've been hearing about.

And it makes me feel slightly embarrassed.

Because people my age, those who have children ready to travel or study or work, well, we should as the older, wiser and cooler generation, know better.

We should be sharing in our young one's enthusiam of Forever Love and travelling the world to slay dragons and save the world.  We shouldn't be showing ourselves to be so small by being negative, or putting them down by telling them not to be stupid, because there might be more than one first love.  And we most certainly shouldn't be calling a girl, a f*cking sl*t and ha ha to her because she got caught and is preggers.  

No, really, we should be better than this.

But the worst thing I've heard, is choosing a partners neediness and insecurities over kids.  So, not seeing your kids.  Or not seeing your kids as often as you should. Or putting limitations on them.

But wait, I hear you say, My kids have their own life, and my partner is my partner, and deserves my time and attention.

Correct.  Your partner does.

But kids aren't baggage.  They're not something that you accumulate like blisters, as you walk along the highway of life.  They're your flesh and blood. They belong to your DNA and yes, I know kids can be difficult.  Every parent alive knows this.  

In fact, they can be right little sh*ts.

But you can't throw them away like dishwater, because they have a different opinion to you, they're experimenting or they have temporarily fallen off the path.  

You can't just say, I want a tidy life now, and you're not it.  

Well, you can, but you shouldn't.

We...no, you should be better than that.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit