30 Sec's on....



The young one and I have an awesome relationship.

Well, we must do because our conversation last week went like this...

E's flying in at 5.30am.  I've told her that's a great time for you because it doesn't interrupt the horses.  She's really looking forward to meeting you.  I said, she'd love our house.  And the horses.  She's really excited.

Cool! What airline is she flying in on?  How long is she staying?  Is she vegan, vegetarian, anti sugar and/or does she have any likes or dislikes that I might not have mentioned?  

No idea, not sure, nope, maybe, might be, unsure.  Don't be late.

Ok, then.  

And we were all good until I was having a cuppa with a mate tonight who said, What's she look like?


So, then my mate is out with cardboard, sissors and marker pen making me a sign.  

What's her last name?

I'm pretty sure it starts with K.  Maybe C.  Just put "From Boston" under her name and a smiley face.

Are you sure she's coming from Boston?


So, I left with a sign made from the top of a Hells Pizza, pizza box with strict instructions not to take it into my house when I got home, in case I forgot to re-pack it at 4.30am tomorrow when I leave for the airport.

I've also made brownies because everyone in the known Universe falls in love with my brownies, including sugar phobes. Meat, incase she metamorphed into a meat eater on her journey, fish, incase she hasn't, a pizza place, in case she's totally into pizza and an organic/gluten free/vegan cafe if she's not. Friends, incase she wants to meet some, horses, horses and more horses because well, that's what happens when you come here and another couple of options incase I feel like doing something else or different. 

So, I'm organized.  Ish.

Ok, well maybe not actually organized with lists and stuff, but rather in our family way of, What's important to you, is important to me.  We'll make this work organized.

And we did.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit