30 Sec's on....



There's been lots of super cool convo's this week, but one in particular sticks in my mind because, well, it was a young one that was asking and because the difference between right and wrong, is like a millimetre.

And the conversation went like this...

I really like this guy but I've heard really bad things about him.  But I don't see him like that.  What should I do?

Ooooohhhhh...excellent question, 99!

But this is one of those curly questions because it comes under the umbrella of 50/50 with a dash of molassas or some apple cider vinegar. 

Which is truth, which is rumour, and how can you tell the difference?

Well, first off, I've been on the end of malicious gossip myself, so I've learnt the hard way that gossip is often just that, gossip.  I've also learnt that you never, like never trust someone who has an ulterior motive for you being successful (or not) with a man.   

So, I'm super careful when I hear stuff about guys or girls now.  

Anyhou, moving right along, first off, you have to check who is telling you the not nice stuff about your potential man.  Is it a random person or a person who is close to you?  

If it is random then you need to be a little more aware, because they have nothing to gain by telling you.  

If it is a person close to you, you also need to listen but, and there's a big but here... is your friend being vocal and looking out for your best interests, because she thinks you're awesome and deserve a great guy and he's not it, or is there history between them that you may (or may not) be aware of? 

So, Is your friend coming from the right place, with the best intent? 

Now, once you have asked yourself these questions and answered them satisfactorily, then you are still left with the bare bones of, Is it true?

And this is where you have to be careful.  

Take the time to keep talking to him without putting yourself in a, Well, we're here now, so we may as well shag position.  Because trust me, it's way easier to go back and shag, rather than to wish you hadn't.  

Don't give me that look, we all have stories of, Hey, remember that guy...

But all jokes aside, spend time seeing him, and then you make the decision whether he is man shaggable hot or it's all designer clothes and fun times until the lights go out hot. 

But I promise you that while you are doing the Should I, shouldn't I dance, you will hear other stories and it will either be just that one random person who thinks he's a muppet, or it'll be 20 different stories from 20 different people.

Don't be tapped with the stupid stick, baby.



Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

The Divine Miss Cougar and Spirit