30 Sec's on....



As I am writing this, one of my close mates is winging her way to the other side of the world to walk the Inca Trail.  

I know!  But wait, then she is going camping in the Amazon Jungle.

Seriously!  How super freaking cool!

Now, you would think that she has mammoth tramping experience, has all the gear and is in tip top shape.  

And is young.  Or rich.

All of the above or at least some.

But no.

I don't actually know how old she is because it's never really come up in conversation, or maybe it has but isn't an issue.  But I know she is not 40 because she has children who have their own children, and has travelled the world.

And I don't think she's rich.  She's never mentioned that she is, and she has a job.

And let us assume (rightly) that she has not tramped extensively, moderately, or even much.  This I know.  Because we catch up a lot and she never mentions having gone tramping for the weekend.  However, she does talks about walks up (small) mountains.  Or (very large) hills.

But this trip came about because well, she decided she needed a holiday.  To somewhere she had never been.

She threw round a few ideas, Vietnam being one (the rest I can't remember) but she couldn't really decide, so just put it to the side.

And then I get this text, Walking the Inca Trail!  Camping in Amazon!  Leave next month!

So, there's been some awesome conversations recently, and some totally random texts, Do you know I'm climbing half the height of Everest?  F*k.

But all jokes aside, it's kind of cool to know my mate is going to camp in the Amazon.  The Inca trail is also cool but it's the Amazon which has got me all tingly because, well, she is the only person I know, or have known in the past, who has done this.

Does it make me want to camp the Amazon?  

Not really.  Unless there's a horse waiting at vine number 3,427 who wants to have a chat with me.

But what it does make me do is be grateful that I know such truly random, and seriously cool, women.  

Women who love life, and take risks.  Women who refuse to be defined, or limited, or put in a box.

Like attracts like.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit