30 Sec's on....


Oooooohhhh....how are you loving this Change Energy, baby?

Well, if you're a little Cancer girl like me, you will be, Ummmm, not right now, I'm not quite ready...

But all jokes aside, this is the season of change, death, rebirth and going beyond the mask.  Diving into and then swimming the depths - those that are not immediately obvious to the naked eye.  

That part I like.

In fact, that part I love.

Actually, it's only when you throw the word Change at me when I'm not looking, that it freaks me out.  

But seriously, this is such a super cool time because the veil between the two worlds is very thin at the moment.  This means that it is extremely easy to see what lies beneath the mask that people portray, if you take the time to sit in the stillness.

However, that bit's always a bit scary.

Because what happens if what you think you are dealing with, you are not.

What happens if that little Witchy Stick Intuition is wobbling so hard that it is taking everything you have to keep it still?  

Well, you know what, and this is what is so super cool about this Energy, you stop trying to keep it still.  Stop trying to keep the status quo and let that little Witchy Stick of yours go off in the direction it wants.  Give it freedom, all the space it needs, to run the yellow brick road to the Truth.

Step outside your current situation, then look in.

From another direction.  Take out expectations and limitations.  Think big, look big.

And Boom! you have it.

A completely different picture to the one that you thought you had, which naturally leads to a different path, change and then a completely new picture. 

The real picture.

And that's what you want.  


Whether it be good, bad or f*ked up, ugly.

So, yes, this Energy is large and bold, deceitful and cunning but it's also enlightening and empowered.

Stop holding that Witchy Stick still.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit