30 Sec's on....



You know, I often get asked the question, Do I believe in Ghosts?  

Well, yes.  I do.

But I look at Ghosts in a completely different realm to Spirit. Ghosts are misplaced Spirits.  Wanderers.  Those that are neither here nor there, lost in a kind of time warp.

So, I have a healthy respect for them.  Because they live in the grey area.

However, I work with Spirit all the time and love it.

They don't scare me at all.  I understand their visits when someone passes over, or when they're trying to get a message to me for someone and I understand when they are warning me.  Or nudging me to step forward.  I also understand when they hang out in the kitchen with me when I'm baking or the times they just stop in to say, Hi! or to have a little play.

And that's what they did to me today.

It was the anniversary of a young one's passing, and one of my Elder Spirits came to say, Hi!  The little one didn't come in herself, which I expected but mine did, not to help me with my grieving because she wasn't mine to grieve but to let me know that she was fine and happy and that those that were grieving would also be fine.

But anyway, it went like this...

The Energy had been laid back and casual, which loosely translated means, I don't have to get out of bed this exact minute...

However, I eventually had got up.  

Realized I might have been a bit optimistic and was now, actually late. Fed out and then spent a few minutes having a bit of a play, touch and a bit of a chitchat with my four legged friends, went back and made my bed, and then realized I was now really, really late.  Had a quick shower, checked emails briefly, had some chocolate in place of breakfast, then had some more chocolate when I realized I couldn't do what I originally wanted and was now so late I was running into tomorrow.  Went into the kitchen to quickly blowdry my hair.  Don't ask, just trust me, I dry my hair in the kitchen.  

And herein, is where we stand in the weird and bizarre.  

I have a little Tinkerbell that sits on my windowsill.  She comes from America and is the cutest thing.  



Well, as I'm standing there, she literally gets lifted off the window sill about an inch, hovers there for a moment, and then gently gets put down again.  


I took a minute to really look at what I was doing and then completely scratched my pencilled in day and instead took my Spirit day.

I literally hung out with Spirit, we sat in silence, out on the deck in the sun with the horses, and they told me stories.  They fed my soul and gave me nourishment.  

Do I believe in Ghosts?


But I walk with Spirit.

Have an awesome Monday, baby.  

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit