30 Sec's on....



I hate texting.

No seriously, hate it.  Mostly, because I am literal.  

So, you need to keep it nice and sweet and to the point.  

I do not wish to have a story.  I do not wish to have lots of flowers around your words, just say what you want.  Or to be more precise, what you mean.

Let me give you an example of a text that moi, if I need to text, would send:

Going to Sylvia.  Hungry?  

Of which loosely translated means, I have decided I need something urgently from Sylvia Park, so I'm driving there right now.  I am 20 minutes away. Would you like to meet me for coffee and food at our normal place?  Actually, I really feel like Vietnamese rolls with duck and hoisin sauce and those delicious little dumplings.  Oooooohhhh...it would be really great to have a little chocolate cake after.  Actually, now I'm ravenous.  

And just as I am thinking, What's taking you so long to reply?  

I will get a reply, See you in 12. 

See?  To.  The.  Point.  

Which is why I caused a bit of mayhem and chaos the other day when someone sent me a long text.  

Seriously.  It was a bl**dy novel.  So, I may have speed read part of it.

And completely got the wrong end of the stick.  Which then meant lots of other texts too-ing and fro-ing until finally, 4 hours later, I got to the point of the original text.  Which had nothing, absolutely nothing to do with the first information I had been given. 

I know.

So, in the interests of happy texting I am going to give you my top 10 texts, which cover all bases and every situation.

1) I like you.

2) I think you're batsh*te crazy, but I still like you.

3) Can I take you out for dinner?

4) Can I make you dinner?

5) Can I pick up dinner and come over?

6) You have a great smile.

7) You're still batsh*te crazy.  I still like you.

8) I think you're cute.

9) I want to take you to bed.  

10) Do you want to come over and see my horses?

The last one only works if you actually have horses and should not be used in the context of, I'm half horse...

Keep it simple, baby.

Have an awesome Monday, make it count.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit