30 Sec's on....



I want to talk about Fantails today, because between a mate and I, we have heard about five (5) deaths within the last nine (9) days.

I know!  Quelle Horreur!

Anyway, he's threatened to, Shoot the little f*ker the next time he sees him, so I thought it might be nice to move away from the fear part, and instead talk about Fantails and their beautiful, soul warnings.

First off, a Fantail is a breed of a domestic pigeon that has a large tail that opens up like a fan.  



Secondly, the Fantail has a reputation of being a Messenger of Death.  This is both true and untrue.  

Let's work with the truth bit first.  A Fantail flying in to the home signifies a Death.  However, Fantails don't cause Death but rather think of an old friend returning to whisper a warning.  Therefore a visit is not to be feared but rather welcomed as it gives you time to prepare yourself.  

A Fantail flying outside the home brings the message into the home that you have stopped learning and being curious.  That you have allowed yourself to become stagnant either through being too complacent or by wanting to fit in too much.  When this happens, Fantails are then sent from the Spirit world to enhance healing in your life.  To get, and keep you, on the right path, replenshing and rejuvenating your soul.

In fact, Fantails are a direct message from Spirit, asking us to be brave with new beginnings, no matter how they come.

That's beautiful.

But I left the best for last...

Not everyone sees a Fantail, because they only come to those who have a connection Spiritually, with them.  Those who don't just see, but also understand, and consider them friends.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit