30 Sec's on....



Oh, Thank Spirit it's Full Moon time again!

I swear, hand on heart, it seems like months since we have had a decent Full Moon.  I'm pretty sure it was only a few weeks ago but even so, it seems like forever since I have felt the swooping highs of riding the Energy of the Moon.  

I blame it on all the eclipses and retrogrades we've been having.

Because they've put the spotlight on Healing.  Mucho healing actually but as much as I am all for healing, it can be a right b*stard while you're going through it.

It takes a lot out of you.

So, to wake up this morning and be flying again, tasting colours, touching emotions, diving into the valleys and soaring the mountains again is amazing.

But actually, now I'm talking about Healing, these weeks should also have been really great for you, too.

You should have found yourself tweaking and twerking, wait, that's wrong, tweaking and sculpting your life and through this, finding your soul balance changing.

Not like throwing out the baby with the bathwater but rather adding bubbles and sweet scent.

Yes, that kind of healing.

But you know, to get to that point, normally you have had to work really hard emotionally.

You've had to dig deep, find your well of goodness and then make that b*tch work for you.

Yeah, baby.  

It's not about the work, it's all about the results.

Happy Full Moon.




Much love as always

T and Spirit