30 Sec's on....



Ok, so it starts with a text...

My car failed its warrant.

What the young one wanted me to do about it, one island and 1395.5 km's away, I don't know.  But anyway, trying to be proactive I text back, Why?

Stuff.  And windscreen wipers.

Ok, well, windscreen wipers are only about $15.  I think.  Might be more.  Could be less.  Actually, I have no idea.  What sort of stuff?  

Oh, you know, a sway bar touching the gas tank.


Are you sure?

More silence, and might I just say here, that anyone who says silence doesn't speak, is wrong.


That sounds like a little bit of bullsh*te.

Although to be fair, I could just be a little sensitive because the last time I took a car down to get a warrant, it cost me $3500. However, paranoia aside it sounded dodgy.  Or super expensive.  Possibly both.

And I was still 1395.5 km's away from the car.

What to do...what to do...  

So, I popped myself down to the local, big go to Warrant place.  Parked in line because it was so busy you couldn't move, got out, left the car and went in to find someone who might know something.  Opened the door to where you register and pay and you couldn't move for people.  


But technically I wasn't there to buy, sell or pay for anything so I ducked and dived around people, scooted out the back door, round the corner and then found a mechanic and explained what was going on.  And finished with...and that sounds like a little bit of bullsh*te.  


And this my fine friend, is when things get a bit strange.  He knows the guy.  I know!  1395.5 km's away.  Tells me to call my son, get him to go back and take a photo, then send it to him.

I ring my son and he doesn't like that idea.  

He wishes to call the gentleman himself.  Apparently, he doesn't trust my...That sounds like a little bit of bullsh*ite Witchy Stick Theory.  

Anyway, the young one texts me later to say phone keeps going to answerphone.  I politely keep quiet.

And.  Do.  Not.  Text.

Woke up the next morning.  No text.  Did my morning stuff then headed to the stables where everyone then wanted to know what had happened.  We had a coffee and chit chat, but the general consensus was...That sounds like a little bit of bullsh*te.  So, we all waited.

And waited.  And waited.

Until later that arvo when I received a text, Got my warrant!  Apparently, phone calls were made and photo's were not needed as it works out, wait for it...it is literally a 10 minute job and costs less than $40.

Well, well, well, eh?

Just well.

Well, well.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit