30 Sec's on....



The big topic this week has been, Age Gap Love.

And it has caused some hugely controversial, conversations.

Now, wait...before you get on your high horse, let me finish.  Or start. Depending on which way you look at it.  But anyway, when I am talking about Age Gap I am not talking about 2 or 3 years or even 7 or 8.  I'm talking a minimum of 20 years going anything up to 48 years.  

I know!  Wow.

First off, you automatically think that with this amount of age separation that there will be bucketloads of money involved.  Well, seriously, why would someone be with an older person who is both older and broke? 

Don't give me that look.  That's exactly what you were thinking.

And if I'm being honest, me too, when I see a noticeably older man with a way, way younger chick.

But I've had to re-think that belief because I've been watching this documentary recently, Age Gap Love, on Netflix.  Sure, there were a couple of relationships there that did involve bucketloads of money (think owning a shopping mall) which did make me think shower and rain, but the vast majority of them were on love jobs.  

Actual, love jobs.

And lots of them had been together years and years already.  Not like 6 months but rather, 10 years plus.  And whether there was a 20 year gap or 48 years - these couples were happy.  

But the biggest issue these couples had was friends, family and complete strangers who pointed, stared, made nasty comments and generally behaved like a**holes.  


Double Ouch because I then had to ask myself on what side of the fence did I really put my hoof.  I mean, overall I am ok with Age Gap love because I know a few couples with a big age difference but was it a case of, It's ok as long as it's you, not me.  

So, my big question this week was, Would I be happy if my young one rocked up home, shagging a 59 year old?


The quick answer is, No.  

But that's me talking as a Mum and coming from a place of fear and limitations.  That he would lose out by not being able to have his own biological kids and therefore would lose out.  

That was a really unpleasant thought though, that I could be so small and narrowminded.  

But when I spoke to a girlfriend about it she gave me a slap, and told me not to be stupid.  That I would, after taking some time to think about it...



accept that there had to be something pretty amazing about her because he is amazing.  

And it worked out, after having a chat with the young one reversing the question, that as long as the guy wasn't 16 years old (this actually happened twice in the documentary) that he was ok with me doing the cougar or even, although he found this slightly more challenging, being the cub.  

That ultimately it only came down to whether the two people involved were happy. 

That's it.


No limitations.  No boundaries.  No borders.

Happy Monday, baby.  

Don't be an a**hole.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit