30 Sec's on....





Oooooh...this Full Moon is causing some chaos and mayhem.

And most of this starts with someone saying to me, Tell me, you didn't just say that...

In my defence, it was true.

But all jokes aside, this moon, and the month overall has brought up lots of past things.  There have been lots of shadow work, lots of This is what happened, where, when, how and why and to be perfectly honest, I think it's pretty awesome.

Because to have a happy life, you have to have first a) lived it and b) accepted the consequences of that living.

Most people love the first one yet hate the second.  Which is a real shame.

Because you can't be an awesome adult without some unearthly experiences.  

Misspent youth, kiddo.  I mean, a misspent youth.

Yet, at the moment I'm hearing so many people regret the things they have done.  But part of making mistakes when you are young is so you don't make the same mistakes when you're 50.  That by the time you are older you are more laid back, you don't sweat the small stuff and you don't worry so much about the things which really don't matter. 

But back to what I really want to talk about today...I think we as adults, are handling our young ones wrong, because we don't share our stories.  

We tell them, Don't have casual s*x but we don't teach them how to have happy, healthy, short-term, s*xual relationships.  We tell them, Just say, No but we don't show them how.  

We also don't do the down and dirty talk because we don't want to encourage slapperish skanky behaviour.  And I get that.

But is hiding our head in the moral high ground sand, leaving our young ones to flounder alone, any better?

I mean, I don't agree with drugs but I wouldn't agree with marmite sandwiches either if eating them caused holes in your brain.  And it makes sense when I say it like that.  

I also don't think you should get off your nut drunk but you know, raise your hand if you have never done this.  

I thought so.  Do as I say, not as I did.  

But again, I get that you don't want your kids doing what you did.  None of us do.  Because we were reckless and careless and fearless.

And lucky.  We were  bl**dy lucky.

And have the stories to prove it.

But that's what I want you to remember this week when you are dealing with your young one, or someone else's young one or just looking back on your past.

We are awesome adults now because we were naughty young ones, once upon a time.

And we didn't just survive, we thrived becoming powerful and empowered adults.

So will they.


Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit