30 Sec's on....




Ok, so there I was trying to do some paperwork the other day but really watching trashy tv.  Neither was really holding my attention though and I found myself randomly thinking of Monday's blog.  

Did I want to talk about men, depression, money, food, soul, Spirit...but nothing was really ringing my bell.  So, just as I was about to dump everything, call a girlfriend and go have coffee, my phone went.

Beep Beep.

And there was one of my other girlfriends going, Hey babe, what do you know about Tantric?  

Boom, baby and here we are.

Well, first off, Tantric is one of those things which I have been offered more than once.  However, as you know, I also hate casual s*x with a passion.  So, because of the person(s) offering it, combined with my phobia of having s*x with men I don't really like, I always turned it down.  

However, it peaked, and kept my interest over the last few years because of the soul touching that happens.  And you know how much I love to touch.  

Tantric is the weaving together of two souls.  To be at One with the Divine.  

I know, how super cool!

Slow, non-orgasmic s*xual intercourse. 

Ok, that part I thought could be a bit of a bummer and originally put me off a bit, but when I delved deeper into this Philosophy of being, I changed my mind.   

Tantra comes from the Sanskrit word for woven together.  Literally weaving together the physcial and the Spiritual, man to woman, human to the Divine and it goes like this:

1) Sit facing each other, fully clothed, and look into each other's eyes.  Don't cheat.  This is the very beginning of the Tantric and the eyes are the start of this journey.  The glimpse into the soul.  

2) Synchronize your breathing.  Start stepping into the stillness.  Reach out to caress, touch and kiss. 

You can stop here or you can begin the next stage of your journey.  If you decide to continue,

You start the process again.

But naked.  

Sit on his lap, face him and wrap your legs around his waist.  Do the breathing then move into caressing and kissing.  When the moment is right, move so that your man is inside you.  


Keep kissing. Keep caressing.  Keep eye contact.  Keep it slow.  Keep it hot. 




Absorbing, blending, melting.

Birth.  To re-birth.

Happy Monday, baby.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit