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Oh cr*p, almost forgot what time of year it is...Chinese New Year.  

So, on 16th February, The Year of the Rooster finishes and we are heading into the Year of the Dog, so let us have a little tutu about this.

First off, did you know that the most challenging year is when you are a particular Chinese Animal sign (Rooster, Ox, Dragon, Dog etc) and that is also the Chinese Year we are going into.  For example:  A Rooster going into last year, which was Year of the Rooster.  This doesn't mean that it will be a bad year for you but it is a year that definitely has challenges and you have to have your game on and do not, I repeat, do not take anything for granted. Walk away from any conflict because little conflict will go to BIG conflict within a heart beat but there can also be some huge success for you.  But it's not easily won.  Think of walking into a beautiful lush bush but with mines buried underneath where you walk.  

Well, it's always good to know this stuff.

Now onto this year...

I am liking the Energy of this coming Year of the Dog, even though the Rooster (moi) and Dog and not great friends because both are stubborn and always think they are right (I know, pot, kettle, grimy come to mind).   It is a busy year though and there are wonderful opportunities in Year of the Dog for career/work movement forward if you are able to think outside the box.  

Actually, thinking outside the box is extremely important this year because in Feng Shui language, we are missing the Wealth Corner.  This is highly disturbing because this corner brings in money.  Or lack of.  Which is going to bring challenges.  So, it's going to be harder to make money this year and you are going to have to well, think outside the box.  But I'm not here to scare you, rather get you thinking about what works, what is not working, what is never going to work but also get you thinking, Am I doing what I love? because if you don't, it's going to be a real hard year, no matter what your Chinese Animal sign is.  

There have been other years where we have also missed a Wealth Corner and they have not been good for the world, so if there is anything I can say to you right now it is this...

1) Do what you love.

2) Don't expect money to be free flowing and if you are following your dreams don't expect your dreams to bring in huge money this year.  It could literally be a Year of Love for you.

3) Use this year as a Sowing of Seeds Year.  Lay down good foundations.  

4) Don't take unnecessary financial risks.  Actually, don't take any financial risks.  Cross your t's and dot your i's.

Now onto the super interesting stuff...

2018 is a real time of movement and it is extremely lucky for doing a complete change in lifestyle like quitting smoking, changing homes and/or the sowing of new business ventures.

It is also an accumulation of the hard work you have all ready done in the Year of the Rooster 2017, however it is still hard work.  This isn't a free ride year.  Yet it kind of is, if you know what I mean.  Think 2017 was all about doing the work and not getting direct success results well, Year of the Dog is the payback for 2017.  However, the kicker is 2018 can only be truly appreciated in the context of equitable sharing of the created resources.  I know, speak in English.  Well, roughly translated this means that those who have worked or do work with honesty, fairness, integrity and fair trade will reap the financial rewards.  

Actually, following on from that, the Year of the Dog is all about loyalty, solidarity and brotherhood.  A time where we draw a line in the sand, bringing in a new interpretation of strength of character, morality, education, health and caring, renewable Energy, modes of production, the emergence of new authors and philosophers and just a deeper collective awareness.  For some it will bring in an abundance of money and for others not so much.  The interesting thing though is that if you can harness the noble and vibrant Energy of Year of the Dog it directly relates to you being happier on a Spiritual basis and literally flowing the money towards you.  

I hope this year is one that you love as much as it loves you.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit