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I want to talk about Susan B Anthony today, and there are a couple of reasons for this:

1) Everytime I go on or near the computer, her name keeps coming up and 

2) Spirit are sending me lots of young ones at the moment and actually, there's also a third reason

3) I keep getting a niggle in my side like someone's poking me which is normally Spirit standing next to me giving me a nudge that they want me to write.

So, here we go:

Susan B Anthony was born February 15th, 1820 (died March 13th, 1906) and was a Women's Rights Activist.  She was also a pioneer crusader in the Women's Sufferage Movement which means that she campaigned for women, that's you and me, to not just have choices but to have power, in our life.  

Because Susan believed in equality.

Men, their rights, and nothing more.  Women, their rights, and nothing less.  

And Susan, for a woman back in the 1800's, had lots of forward thinking ideas.  Take marriage.  She was not against marriage per se she just, never got married because I never found a man who was necessary to my happiness.  

Those were powerful and empowered words.    

But Susan worked tirelessly to make true what she believed.  That women had the right to live their lives any way they wished.  That having a vee-jay (my words not hers) did not make a person less.  In fact, in a speech she made in 1889, she noted that women had always been taught that their purpose was to serve men, but Now after 40 years of agitation, the idea is beginning to prevail that women were created for themselves, for their own happiness, and for the welfare of the world.  

This was very modern thinking for a lass back in the 1800's and you and I have many, many things to be grateful for from her.  Because it is because of Susan and women like her, that we, that's you and I, have so many choices now.

Like whether you agree with abortion or not, it is because of Susan and her crew that you and I have the choice whether to terminate or not.  It's not about whether we do or whether we don't, we have the choice.

We also have the choice whether to work.  Get married.  Have children. Travel.  Study.  Run a business.  Vote.

Either, and/or, all.

But one thing has been bugging me this week, How would Susan look at the Free Sex lifestyle that we have at the moment?

Well, that's a hard one.  Part of me wants to say that she would say, This is your life, do what you wish. You are a woman. You have rights.  Yet another part wrestles with that.  She worked so hard for women that I think she would be sad that we give ourselves so easily.  For so little.

But that's the conversation that I have had over the last few days with my young ones.

Why can't I have casual sex with multiple men?  This is my life, I can do what I want...and I don't want a relationship.


However, I've struggled with that this week.  Yes, I truly believe as a woman, that you have the right to live your life however you want. And that includes sex, when you want, where you want and with whomever you please.  But...

I think it was because the picture this week was wrong.  And you know how much I love pictures.  

Because what started out as, He's taking me out for dinner and a movie and then I'm taking him to bed ended up being Chicken nuggets and a f*k, and that to me is not the same thing, no matter how many flowers I put around it.

But please don't think I've fallen into the trap of, Your choice is not my choice, therefore it's wrong... because it's not that.

It's, Don't put a donkey in a dress and call it a race horse.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit