30 Sec's on....



Well, I don't know about you chicky babe, but I'm flying high on my broomstick right now.

I mean, seriously, this glorious weather we are having is doing amazing things for my soul but it's not just that.  I'm feeling the love.

The love of life.

Of being in the right place at the right time with others who share my goals, thoughts and passions.

Not 100%, but you know, we're playing the same game.

We're in the same ballpark.

And I'm finding it really empowering.  Which is somehow spilling into every other single area of my life.

Does this mean that I have no challenges in my life?

Absolutely not.  Don't be ridiculous.

However, what it does mean is that I can contain the conflict.  I can either banish it into the ether with a little flick or drag it screaming and kicking into the sunshine where it shows itself as to how small it really is.

win/win really.

Am I saying No a lot?

No. I'm not.  But I'm also not over indulging in the Yes's either.

However, and I think this was the turning point, I'm not getting my witchy stick out at the first sign of stomping on boundaries.

I'm taking a breath, I'm looking first and then choosing to see the best.

Like the very, very best of what someone has said to me.

But wait, don't think that I've been tapped with the stupid stick, I still see exactly what has been spoken but I also see past the words, into the Energy and see that I am talking with them as they are as a child.

That it is a child who is speaking with me.

And Boom! baby, we're rocking and rolling.

I literally can't take offence, so I'm laughing more, living more and loving way, way more.

Although, I'll still give you a slap if you ask me for a casual shag.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit