30 Sec's on....


Oh sweet lordy, your favourite Cancerian chicky babe has just been called, wait for it, drum roll please...Judgemental!  

Moi?  Can you believe?

I know!  I think they were having an off day, too.

But seriously, this time of year always brings challenges with it.  Which, if you take that thought pattern a little further, means that there are issues in the way I speak, or if you're a little on the pedantic side, what I speak of.

However, before I start chatting away about this to you, I need to lay some groundwork down.

I see the big picture - not just right now, but what is going to be the full cycle.  I see not just your actions but the reaction and then the consequences.

And so knowing that makes a huge difference as to how I answer what you ask.

Let's face it though, there is nothing in life that doesn't have a consequence. Ask any Sticky Date Pudding and the hips connected to the lips, eating it.  

But all jokes aside, most of the time the choices you make are good and successful.  Lots of fun and even if they don't work out like you hope, normally they won't cause you too much harm apart from your ego feeling a little bruised.  

However, around this time of year, the rules change.  Mostly because a couple of other things tend to cloud peoples judgement:  mainly alcohol and loneliness.

Not me!  I hear you say.  Na, uh.

Great!  I'm really pleased to hear that.  However, dating site profiles expotentially increase so there's a whole heap of people who aren't you.

But I'm getting off my subject, right here, right at this exact point is where the Judgement convo happened.  When I happened to use all three words in the same sentence.

Alcohol.  Loneliness.  Dating sites.

And that's when things went a bit batsh*te crazy. Which I thought was a bit unfair because I'm not against dating sites per se.   

Anyhou, it was the, I know he's not the one but at least I'm not alone at Christmas theory that I adamently refused to buy into.  And then I might have added a few other choice words which then completely flipped the applecart.   

But, as I tried to explain, it's like wearing mohair in summer.

Or drinking coolaide with the fire going (and just for the record, I am not the Anti-shag Grinch thank you very much).

But the reason, once we get down to the grass roots of it, is simply this:

Every time you hang out and have sex with someone you don't really want to be with, it takes you 1 and a half times away from the guy (or girl) you should be hanging out and having awesome, mind blowing, take the top of your head off sex with.

Boom, baby.  

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit