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Ok, so let us continue on our star odessy...

Librans: who quite possibly could be my favourite starsign.  

I mean, seriously, who doesn't love a Libra.  They are the most attractive sign in the zodiac and they just have such a lovely way about them.  The are known for their ability to see both sides of the story which (I've heard) is a really attractive quality but they are just super nice human beings.  They are a friend of Cancerians. It is really interesting that Libran's tend to be long-time friends though.  I personally have a Libran friend who I've known since I was 28 years old.  He's over the other side of the world now and has been for decades but still periodically I get a, Hi, how you doing?  This is what's going on with me and my family... and I find that really sweet.  Librans are really good like that.  You don't normally find a Libran all funky and emotional but rather all about, What is the right thing to do here?  How can I get a good end result?  This is a really great quality.  Librans often fix in a relationship so they have to be aware of this tendency but they are often great parents because they always do their very best to be great parents.  They love to look good so spend a lot of time making sure that they are looking as good as they possibly can be.  They also like their partners to look great, too.  You do have to be a little careful with a Libran because they do like to please people and because of this they can be a little, well, unreliable.  They just can't use the word, No. Libran's also don't like making decisions.  Actually, I don't know whether that is true as such, it is just because they keep seeing everyone else's point of view that a decision just always seems to be just out of reach.  They are lovely lovers (so I've heard) and a real pleasure to be in bed with.

Negative qualities: They can be vain, have no substance, lack willpower and have anger and alcohol issues due to their non-ability to say, No. They can handle stress very badly.  However, their great qualities far outweigh their base ones.

Librans can be really beautiful, soul partners for a lot of the signs but never for a Cancerian.  Libra/Cancer find each other attractive and can be good friends but it is rare that they can get it together as a relationship due to Cancerians general lack of respect for rules and regulations and roller coaster emotions and Librans love of balance.  In fact, in 24 years of being in this industry I have only know one (1) Libra/Cancer relationship that has lasted the distance.  Personally, (as a Cancerian) I would accept a beautiful friendship.  

However, Librans matches perfectly with another Libran, Gemini and Leo.  

Virgo:  I LOVE the Virgo's.  One of my best friends was a Virgo.  It was a great relationship, she was loyal, honest, reliable and a real rock.  She opened her home and her heart to myself and my son and never took without giving so much more back.  She's well passed now but I remember how amazing having a Virgo in your life is.  They are grounded people and you don't normally find that they are jealous or gossipy.  Actually, everyone gossips so maybe I should say, b*tchy.  I don't think a Virgo has a mean bone in their body but be careful if you have them over.  They won't put up with it, nor should they.  I've also never known a Virgo to play round, I guess, just by the law of averages there has to be one, somewhere, but overall this is not what Virgo's do.  They share, they welcome, they involve.  I also find the Virgo's hard working, you don't normally find the Virgo's taking the easy road.  When I hear the phrase, An honest day's work for an honest days pay I think of the Virgo.  But they are not like the Capricorns who come 5pm won't work 5.01 no, no, the Virgo's get the job done whether it is 5pm, 10pm or 1am in the morning.  I love that attitude.  They are also perfectionists and are extremely organized.  I find the Virgo's quite positive people, I love the rules and regulations that they have around them but most probably because they are soft in their Energy and their rules are set in a gentle and nurturing way. Their boundaries are done in such a way that they make their home, family and friends relationships stronger and better.  I'm a big fan of the Virgo's.  I have heard they can be amazingly great lovers.  As you would expect.

Negative qualities: They can be worriers and naggers and completely anal. They can also be critical of others that don't fit into their idea of what works and can sometimes have issues communicating positive thoughts and actions to others.  However, I believe everyone should give a Vigo a go, they're cool.

Obviously, Cancers and Virgo's work.  I look at Virgo's as an anchor for a Cancerian.  While moi, and others like moi, are riding the moon Energy and going a little moon crazy a Virgo just loves us.  Doesn't try and fix us, make us behave or generally try and conform us, they just love us and for that a Cancerian will always love them back.  It's a great match.  Other matches (if you can't find a Cancerian and let's face it, everyone deep down wants a Cancerian for their own) Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn. 

Scorpio: I sort of like the Scorpio's.  I've had both an excellent relationship and a not so with one - the s*x was fabulous with one and absolutely cr*p with the other.  One was fine featured and highly intelligent, one was more rough diamond featured and not as book intelligent but a beautiful down to earth and gentle man who wouldn't hurt a fly.  Both were highly attractive and good men.  I've known quite a few Scorpio women and I like them, too. Mostly.  I love their intelligence, their quick wit, humour and they're fun. However, they can be vicious and mean spirited.  I've watched a Scorpio set someone up to get physically hurt, it didn't happen but that was more luck and Spirit than bad planning so to be honest, I've kind of gone off them. But I'm not being fair here because I have some awesome Scorpio friends and if a Scorpio is positive they are awesomely great people and I love being in their company.  So, let's talk about their positive qualities:  A healthy Scorpio is strong willed, mysterious, charming, loves the limelight and is brave.  They are passionate, intelligent, interesting and have a great personality.  The are huge fun to socialize with and can keep you entertained for hours.  Both males and females are attractive to the opposite sex and are often highly sought after.  Scorpio's can be absolutely, rock your world lovers.  

Negative qualities:  They can be immature and petty.  Jealous.  Will step on anyone to reach a goal, vicious in their gossip, secretive, resentful and manipulative.  They can be An eye for an eye...plus a leg.  A base Energy Scorpio is a real tragedy because they have the potential to be such truly, awesome people. 

Scorpio and Cancers can work amazingly but they are also good with Pisces and another Scorpio.  Stay away from the Aries, they won't bring you happiness.

Now, let's talk about one of my favourite stars, Sagittarius.

I LOVE the Saggi's as friends.  They nurture and protect and laugh with the Cancerians.  They laugh as much as the Cancers do and love to sit in moon Energy which naturally makes them Cancer friends.  Saggi's are also often up to no good which cements that Cancerian friendship.  But Saggi's love to nurture.  I mean, seriously, when a Cancer is throwing their toys out of their cot because of real or perceived persecutions the Saggi's start laughing and then cuddle and nurture, love and support.  It's a great combination.  Saggi's also fight for the underdog, they always want justice done and are always for What is right and just.  I love the idealism of the Saggi's, I don't agree with it but I love their passion for it.  Saggi's also have a great sense of humour and travel a lot.  Not surprising, actually.  They want to change the world so it would be obvious that they want to see what they are going to change.  I call the Saggi's the Children of the Zodiac because they have such a zeal for life and such a belief that the world's problems, with a little bit of effort, could be solved that I can't help but fall a teensy bit in love with them. However, they can be naughty enchilada's.  Very naughty.  The men especially are shockers to be in relationships with, a high percentage of them just can't help shagging around. I know, I know, your Saggi man is one of the good ones.  The women are slightly better but you know, I prefer to keep them in the friend basket.  But back to the good stuff, Saggi's are very charming and extremely extroverted and overall they are a really great package.

Negative qualities: Over the top idealistic, players and play-ettes, can say, Yes just to shut you up but not really follow through with it.  

I love the Saggi's but will never date one.  I find their, It didn't mean anything attiude to sex just not my cup of tea.  However, they tell me that they are freaking awesome in bed.  No surprises there.

They are well suited to other Saggi's and they love Aquarius but they are not so fond of the Taureans.  

So, that's the stargazing for this week but let me leave you with a little bit of free advice:

Make this week an easy week...go make a Saggi friend.  

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit