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So, after all this talk about soulmates the next question has been starsigns.

Now as you know, I use to do daily starsigns providing them both on my site and for radio.  However, I stopped because I wanted you to own your day, the choices you make and the repercussions that happen because of those choices.  

But lots of people have asked recently so, let me put my Star Witchy hat on and let's you and I, talk about starsigns.  Moi is a Cancerian so I will be writing from the Cancerian girl perspective but I will try and be as open minded as possible.

I know, good luck with that.

Right, since I am a Cancerian and slightly diva like, I'm going to start with us.


You will find that Cancerians believe in a less is more philosophy when it comes to friends as they look for substance in their close peeps.  They come across as very social and on first impressions you can assume (wrongly) that they are extremely confident but that is not true.  They are not unconfident as such but rather, if you take the time to know them you realize that they have very close friends and everyone else they keep at arms length.  

Now, let's talk about how they actually are: Well, first off, they're different. Funny, quirky, passionate and highly intelligent, high achievers.  Ok, ok and a little diva like. And they base everything, every little thing, love, life, work, family, money, on their feelings.  There is never a solid fact to base a decision on but in having said that, they go about things in a weird kind of way.  They never go straight to a goal, they do this weird kind of sideways step, do the dodge, go round the back way and before you know it, there they are with success sitting in their hot little hand and everyone's going, Ummmm, what just happened? They are also not good fair weather friends.  They are either your friend or a little meh! They're not good with halves.  Or sort of's.  But they're loyal, a little stubborn and hard. I have watched a Cancer go from totally best friends/love/full time relationship to walking out the door, gently shutting it behind them and it's done, finished, over.  However, they also give a relationship not just one go but normally multiple second chances before they get to this point.  Often you find they have family issues though, especially with their Mum and that goes for both female and males.  Which I find weird because they are totally loyal to their kids.  I mean, seriously, the younger members of the family could turn up with a bloody knife in one hand and a severed head in the other with the cops on their tail and the Cancer Mum would still be, I have no idea what you're talking about.  He was here all night...  They're that loyal.  However, in having said that, the Cancer men often have long term affairs.  Not just one nighters though but often affairs which go for 5, 7 and sometimes 15 years. The females of the species can often be bi-sexual.  Cancers love their food so are attractive but not normally a size 0. However, they have a special kind of magick about them which means that they never seem to have trouble finding someone who wants to be their partner, however they are uber fussy and will spend time trying to find their soul moon person rather than just take what's on offer.  I love the Cancers though because they're a little loco crazy.  Totally loyal, passionate, always ready for a laugh or a meal, a coffe or a wine and they have a depth of soul which you can't find with any other starsign. Cancerians are not for the fainthearted but for those who wish to dive into those depths, they offer an awesome and soul fulfilling, connected and contented relationship.  

Negatives:  Can be clingy, have addictions, jealous and temper tantrum-y if they are toxic and live in base Energy.

Best match: other Cancerians - the crazy works together and the depth really works.  And they don't worry so much about their riding the moon weirdness. Second choice is a head man.  Opposites attract and it seems to work uber well long term if they can get past the hiccupy part.  Note: going to bed with a Cancerian man is a deeply Spiritual experience and if I have a choice he will always be my go to man.


I love the Taureans.  They are funny, good friends and are truly beautiful men and women who can be, and often are, highly successful.  I call them social butterflies though because they can tell a story or ten and are great company. They are highly social and you find people gravitate towards them because they are so easy and super cool to be around.  They are attractive because of their personality so don't tend to have any trouble finding a bedmate for a night or two or a long-term partner if they are feeling that way inclined. They're also pretty easy going and laid back and don't tend to stress the small stuff.  They are always up for a drink and a bite to eat no matter the day, time or place.  Work does have a tendency to be second in their life but that's not always a bad thing.  They can also be excellent salespeople as they love to talk.  Taureans can be super special friends when you need a pick me up or a general soul lifter.  They are lovely in bed because they're funny and let's face it, that makes it so much more fun.  Taureans spend time in developing friendships and if anyone can walk into a bar and be the most popular person there within 3 minutes flat, then it's a Taurean.  Taureans also have this wonderful gift to make you feel like you are the most important person in the world. That only you exist and that's a really beautiful gift to own.  I don't find Taureans to be mean or petty but rather generous of their time and always find something amazing to have or do.  Just being in a Taureans company will change a good day into a pretty amazing one.  And Taureans love to love. Not have casual sexual relations but rather they find it easy to fall in love - for an hour, a day, a week or a month and then they are off on their next love journey.  They fall in love very easily and out of it just as quickly but you will find that for every great story there is a woman at the bottom of it. They do not like structures per se however, they do like structure on their own terms. They love relationships which sit in a particular frame however, this does not include any odd invitations for them to go out and have a drink or socialize at any given time, with any given person so they need a partner who is really open and flexible and doesn't stress the small stuff too much.  It is also preferable for them to have a partner who is quieter than them and is happy for them to take, and keep, charge.

Negatives:  They can be big drinkers and can take the structure thing a bit too far with their partners.  It can definitely be a case of, My way or the highway, baby.  

Best match:  Other Taureans, Virgo and Scorpio's.  Some people say Cancerians are a great match but I'm not sure about that.  Cancers are too free spirited to like structure of any form. 


I've got to say I'm in two minds about Gemini.  Not suprising really, as Gemini is known as The Twins.  But let me tell you what I love about them:  They're highly intelligent, so if I had to pick a starsign who is the most intelligent, Gemini wins hands down.  And they don't muck around.  Very focussed on goals and extremely proactive.  And really in their head.  I love a man that sits in his head and I'm fascinated with the Gemini's because I just don't get how anyone can live their life without feelings and moods and running with the moon ruling their life and decision making.  But that's just me. Gemini's are awesomely high achievers though with unbelievable success if they channel their Energy.  Gemini's are normally very well educated and/or go into an extremely specialized field where they do extremely well.  And their knowledge is surprising.  Gemini's don't play too well with rules though but I believe that this comes back to their intelligence, they don't like stupid and they like to win.  Gemini's are also very charming, both the men and the women, and if you are interested in sitting in their Energy and just listening to them, they are happy to be the centre of attention.  More than happy, actually.  I believe the Gemini's can be lonely because their brain is always one step ahead of other people and that can alienate them so I've found that they often go through periods of aloneness.  They are good people to have as friends though as they make you look at things from another perspective however, they can be difficult.  Gemini's see things so differently from other people that they can sometimes just up and go off and do their thing, with no thought of, to or for anyone else.  They have also often had issues with authority in their past and in some cases, jail because they play by their own rules.  I wouldn't use the word fun when I first think of a Gemini but that's because they are not fun in the out there in your face way.  They are only that way if they are using drugs and alcohol and recreational sex.  However, they are funny and clever and gorgeous in their own funky a** way.  They love to be in control which can make the bedroom antics quite interesting and they love to play.  It is really interesting to note that for someone who is so totally in their head (and from a Cancerians position very emotionally quiet), they are never lacking for partners, either male or female.  I would use the term Sapio sexual when describing them.  Someone who is attracted to highly intelligent women (or men).  Gemini's need someone who is their intellectual equal in a relationship though otherwise they are very, very naughty.  

Negatives:  If they are living in base Energy they are a nightmare.  They speak badly of women and are only interested in casual, easy s*x and you are literally just a number.  A bad one is also emotionally sterile and unwilling to take any form of emotional risk, brag with no basis and will do anything for money. If you get a good one though, he's a keeper and you are one super lucky girl.  Or guy. 

Best match: Other Air signs - Libra or Aquarius.  Cancer girls are forever girls if you find the mix of loco crazy emotions, super intelligence and riding naked with the moon hot.


I love the Aries.  I kind of bat 50/50 with them because frankly they can drive me bats*te crazy with their thought processes.  Because they like to take their time when making decisions.  I'm like, Really?  I've just told you what I want, how long is this going to take?  But they cannot be swayed.  Nor can they be hurried.  And when they have the hump they have the HUMP and for neither love nor money will you shake them out of it before they're ready. However, they are phenomenal business people and can go from having absolutely nothing to multi multi millionaires.  They often have friendships which go for decades but will not put up with anybody having them over. They are loyal to those that are their crew and often have friendships that seem to have lasted since forever, but not so much with anyone else.  Aries see a goal and nothing, and I mean nothing will sway them from that goal. They do love openly and honestly but people's main mistake with them is that they think that the little Aries will change his or her, mind.  Yet nothing could be further from the truth so often they leave a trail of broken hearts behind them.   Aries often take risks, but only once they have looked at every angle, put it under a microscope and then pulled it to pieces to check for anything they may have originally missed.  Aries also have a deep belief in the way they are and their ability to make good, strong decisions so trying to reason with them is not particularly useful.  They will make their own decisions and trying to change their mind or sway them to your way of thinking is a complete and utter waste of time.  This is not a bad thing.  Aries are attractive but they also make sure that they look after their body and take care to look the very best that they can.  Aries also enjoy being in the bedroom but you must make sure of what you are wanting vs what they are offering and you better have your game on because they get bored very easily.

Negatives: They can be vain, diva like, narcissistic, arrogant and self-orientated.  They can be very hard with women (or men) when they do not have any emotional connection to them and can put money above everything else.  A good one, however, will rock your world.

Best match: Sagittarius - who loves to nurture the Aries without putting up with any sh*te followed by a Leo, although I personally don't think that two firey diva's can make it work.  However, if a Cancer and Aries can get it together, that unique combination of fire and ice well, they last a lifetime.

Well, that's it for now.  I'll have more juicy star gossip for you next week.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit