30 Sec's on....



I scared myself half to death the other night.

I thought we had a ghost and it goes like this...

So, the young one brought home a bright orange fluro jacket (don't ask) and then put it to live with the other jackets, hanging up in the hall by the front door.  

All good.

Excellent, actually since it's not lying on the floor taking up space.

Anyway, the young one had gone to bed and I did my normal night time routine, light incense, give thanks for the day, release any negativity, got my salt ready for bed, turned off the light, shut the door behind me...



And almost died of fright.

But anyway, once I started breathing again I realized that no, it wasn't our personal ghost hanging around playing games, just the stupid coat.  

However, you can understand why I atuomatically thought of ghosts, this is the month of Scorpio.  

A time of magick and mystery, wild intuitiveness, death and rebirth.  

But I don't think this is a bad thing.  

Because to delve into that which we don't know or understand is a joy, or can be.  And all of us need a shake up periodically, to see what's working, what's not, what we might like to and what we most certainly don't.

To breakthrough self imposed limitations and stop playing small.

To claim what is rightly ours.  

But Scorpio also reveals deeply hidden emotions.  Those that you deeply want, need or desire to feel whole and those that you have tried to walk away from.  To pretend don't exist.  

Yeah, they're walking into the light, baby. 

And that can be traumatic.  

Because Scorpio doesn't play fair.  There is no, Let us go gently... 

Scorpio fronts you up and makes you listen.  Forces you to face those shadow feelings of fear, abandonment and rejection but also, if you have the courage, makes game changing, life affirming positive decisions.   

love this month.

Happy Scorpio!

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit


And the stories still keep coming.  My favourite this week is: I take a lady out for lunch and then we go directly to a motel afterwards.  

Well, ok then.  

A close second was: I wouldn't wait 9 dates.  Every day wasted not shagging is one you can't get back.  I'd just move on.  

Can't argue with that.  

But while you're on your Saturday Night Special I want you to remember this: A man who cares about you, takes the time for you because he loves the way you taste.  The way you open, glisten and pulsate.  The way you look when you c*m.  

And for you reading this, There is a world of difference between a woman who gives you an orgasm and one who takes the time to know how you like her lips to play...and the way you moan when she gets it right.

So, I'm not saying give away your Saturday Night Special but what I am saying is this, don't stomp into submission that little voice at 3am in the morning that whispers, Is this all there is?