30 Sec's on....



Ok, so I need to revisit a topic I spoke about, about 2 months ago.  

Do you remember me talking about Dating and I said, Do the Nine Date Rule because no guy can be consistently good on 9 separate occasions.  That the way he is will always show through.


Well, apparently everyone else does as they put this theory to the test.

And we've had some suprising results, so I thought that we should revisit this topic.

My married friends asked their males would they have waited.  Every single guy said, Yes.  That they wanted to be with them so they would have waited.

My single friends came up with some real doozies though so let us look at them on a case by case basis.

1) From my girlfriend who works corporate...I asked all the single guys at work and they said No way!  If a girl hasn't put out by date three, she's not interested and I would move on.  They also said, I wouldn't judge a girl for sleeping wth me on the first date though.  

Well ok, then.  

However, not one of the men asked had had a long term relationship that started from sex on the first date.

2) Girlfriend 2... Of course, I slept with him on the second date.  He was hot and I thought there could be real potential however, I needed to check the sex was good otherwise I was wasting my time.

3) Young person 3... I don't want a relationship.  Neither does she so it works for both of us to see each other on a Saturday night, have dinner and hook up.  What's wrong with that?

4) I am a sexual woman and I can't last 9 dates.  I'm empowered and I should be able to pick and choose.  Men do, why can't I?


Well, first off, I'm pleased you all shared with me.

Secondly, I am not against booty calls per se but as I see it women have the booty and then expect the romance and I can promise you right now that does not work 

No siree.  

And frankly, why should it?  If I was a guy and could have something good without any effort required from me, as much as I am slightly ashamed of what I am about to say, I most probably would take it, too.

And not look back.

So, the Nine Date Rule is in place for a reason.

It works.

You get rid of the players and sayers, the dreamers and the muppets.

Dodging those who don't want anything more from you than a happy smile and a good time.

And a meal, if they're lucky.

But you are also right.

You are a strong, powerful and empowered woman, you do have choices and one of them is doing the booty.

But if you are going to do it, then do it on your terms.

In your time, with a hot body and abs you can count.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit