30 Sec's on....

I've been having a little tussle with my moral fairy this week because of a situation I have been presented with.  However, it seems that no matter which way I look at it I'm stuck on one particular part and can't get past it.  

So, you and I need to have a little tutu.

If you steal, gamble the money you steal and then win who does the money belong to?

Does it belong to you who stole it?

Or the person who originally owned the money?

But wait, let's make things a little more interesting here.  

Let's say, from your immoral takings you won a large sum of money (over $20,000+) but, and this is a very unfortunate experience, said wins have been given back to original person.  

Does he now have the right to keep the money because well, it was his money to start with or should he just get his original (unvoluntarily given) money back?

But wait...I hear you ask, What about the original sin money, was that paid back? 

Ooooohhh, good question 99!

Yes.  Within 24 hours of it coming to light a family member stepped up and paid.

However, here's where things get uber messy.

Everyone believes that they are now owed the $20,000+ nest egg and court proceedings have now been started.

By the Steal-er. 

Suing the person they originally stole off to get the winnings.

And there we have it, my moral enchilada.

Because I believe that Don't steal trumps everything.

But not everyone agrees with me, in fact, I've yet to have anyone agree with me.  

The best anyone can come up with is The guy who (involuntarily) gave the original money shouldn't get it either.  That's stealing, too.

Well, ok then.  Glad we cleared that up.

But all jokes aside, being right and moral is a funny thing, because you never really know what kind of person you are until the repercussions of your choices are standing right there fronting you up in technicolour glory.  

Because talking about what you would do, as I can absolutely promise you, is most definitely not the same as, This is what I am doing. 

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit