30 Sec's on....

Ooooooohhhhh...guess what?

We've just gone into Hungry Ghost Month.

I know, what a super cool name!

Well, technically yes, but no.

But let me explain, Hungry Ghost Month goes from 22nd August to 19 September and is the time when for one lunar month ghosts from the lower realm are able to freely roam the world.

Well, that's ok. Ish.

And cause chaos and mayhem.

Ok, that's the not so good bit.

Right.  So, let us have a little tutu about Do's and Don'ts this month.  

First off, you need to be more careful this month.  Think of a mischevious elf being round you all month.  Not a time to take risks.  You know those ones which could quite easily go 50-50 think more 90-10 this month and not in your favour.  

That's the Energy you're working with.

However, it's super easy to get on top of:

1) Brighten your home by making sure that you keep lights on as soon as dusk starts and keep curtains open not closed, during the day.  Also, open your windows, no no not to let ghosts in but rather to keep the chi flowing nicely so the air doesn't get stagnant.

2) Put off any big decisions for a month.  It won't harm you and it will allow you to make sure that what you are doing is exactly what you want and

3) Keep positive in not just your thoughts but also your words.  And again, not just the words that you speak to or about other people but you. How you speak about yourself.  The negative words that you use to describe you or put yourself down.  You must be super careful of that.

It's that easy.  In fact, I can sum this next month up in one little sentence...

Make sure you are sunny, upbeat and see the best of everything and every person.

And let's face it, it's only 22 days now...a little tussle and a teensy ghost.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit