30 Sec's on....

I want to talk about my favourite animal today...

Wait, that's a Unicorn and I'm not talking about them.

And my next favourite animal is a horse and that's not, ok, well, let's just flag that and just skip straight to the point.


I want to talk about Alpaca's because I think they're totally cool and I feel like some coolness.  And they're my Spirit Animal.  Not my actual animal but the animal I think of when Spirit are using me as a middle person to help you through a challenging time.  And I'm seeing nothing but Alpaca's at the moment so I thought we could combine some coolness, throw in some totally random facts and let you know that Spirit are thinking of you and it's going to be ok.

Cool fact number 1:

Alpaca's are flame resistant.  I know!  How super cool.  Almost impossible to burn them.

Cool fact number 2:

They come in 22 colurs.  22 is a master number commonly referred to as The Master Builder because it can turn the most ambitous of dreams into reality.  

Cool fact number 3:

Alpacas's hum.  They can't sing the words but...

Cool fact number 4:

There are two kinds of Alpacas in the World:  




and Hucaya



And they have been round since forever.  Over 6000 years ago they made the choice to live with the Inca's and have lived with different kinds of humans ever since. They are also very interested in travel and have migrated to almost every country in the world showcasing their fabulouness. 

And last but not least,

Cool fact number 5:

They are a little crazy, freaking rock in their coolness...and they know it.  



You're going to be just fine, baby.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit