30 Sec's on....


As I am writing this today, I am doing the 3 day countdown to my 48th year.  

But I've got to say here, just between you and me, these two weeks before my Birthday are the worst weeks ever of the year for me.  

I actively dislike them with mucho passion.  So much so, that I try to hibernate and generally stay away from the general populice.  Not that it makes a difference.  Chaos, mayhem and mischief still keep knocking on my door ,climbing through open windows and sliding through cracks - and don't even get me started on misplaced or misunderstood texts, emails and phone calls.  

It's Spirits way of doing a huge spring clean.

Of telling me what stays, what goes and lays bare the bones of my foundations from which to build on for the coming 12 months.  

An uber frustrating time though.

But this year's been different.  In fact, the whole year's been different.


I mean, I don't know about you but I haven't had the luxury of taking my time, all decisions that have been required have been immediate Yes - No kind of ones.  I either do or I don't.  I either accept or I don't.  And there's been no time for regrets or what if's.

There has only been:

Does accepting this make me a stronger, connected and more empowered woman?

But in having said this, I've also done much scarier things this year - and found more power because of this.

However, not a Feel the fear and do it anyway kind of scenario just one teensy, tiny step further than I did yesterday.  

And when I'm talking teensy, tiny I'm not joking.  

It was a First I dipped a toe in the water, then a foot, then an ankle kind of scenario.  But I'm sitting here today, thanking Spirit for each minute of that teensy.  

Because this year is turning into a mighty fine and powerful year.  


I'm pretty sure the answer I'm supposed to say here is No.  

But I'm not going to.

It's been perfectly divine...and a continual work in progress.

I'm seriously looking forward to this next birth year.

** Oooohh...almost forgot.  Every year Spirit send me something.  This year it was a 1972, D.L Ellis, Silver faux fur, Furricoat.  Found in this little secondhand shop, in the middle of the country that I must have passed many times but never seen.  Yesterday I found myself parked right outside the door of this little cutie pie of a shop and thought, Well, now I'm stopped...



Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit