30 Sec's on....


Ok, so we have to talk about mouses this week because:

a) There is a dead one decomposing behind my fridge and

b) I think I've just given myself mouse poisioning.

I know! Stupid girl.

But in my defence I got blindsided and it went like this...

I had this overwhelming urge for taco's for lunch the other day and knowing I had taco shells somewhere in my pantry, I started hunting around for them while the mince defrosted.  Hello! found them tucked at the back under some other stuff in a ziplock bag.  I pulled them out and noticed that one had broken.  

Now it is most important to remember here that:

a) I was hungry and

b) I have a son.

Now, I'm not going to say that boys are dirty as such but I am going to say that maybe things like broken and past their use by date are not top priorities. Neither is mould if you can scrape it off and it looks fine underneath.

So, I cooked my mince, warmed the taco's, ate them (they were delicious) and went to put them back in ziplock bag.  

At which point I noticed that the taco's weren't broken as such but more eaten as when I had sealed the bag and turned it over the bag had been eaten through.

Don't.  Just don't.

And how do I know that I have a dead mouse behind fridge?

Well, the stench of decaying flesh was the first give away and the second was the head that had poked out trying to grasp it's last breath.  A futile exercise as it worked out.

So, let's try and find something positive or at the very least, something totally random and cool about the little 4 legged creatures.

1) Mice are highly intelligent and can problem solve as quickly as a dog.

2) Rescue mice love their families and actually get sad when separated from their humans.

3) When a mouse falls in love with you it grooms your hand to show affection and

4) If you tickle one it actually makes a little chirping laughing sound and last but not least...

A can of Mountain Dew will actually dissolve a mouse.

This came to light in 2012 when a lawsuit was filed by a man who claimed to have found a whole mouse carcass in his can of Mountain Dew.  Pepsi (Mountain Dew's parent company) hired experts to verify the mans statement and their verdict came back as this:

A whole mouse carcass in a can of Mountain Dew is just not possible because the bones will disintergrate, leaving behind only rubbery skin tissue and a jelly like, gelatinous, substance.

They won the case.

So, there you have it: highly intelligent, extremely friendly but if that's still not working for you...


Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit