30 Sec's on....

You know, sometimes Spirit throw me a curve ball.  

Just because.  And that's what happened this week.

Some nice man over in Argentina decided that I was a good option for money laundering.

Correct.  Money laundering.

So, this is how it works: 

The first night $7079.40 cash got put into my account.  Not in cheque form, nor from a nice Nigerian Prince or from a deceased estate and I'm the long-lost relative but good old fashioned, cold, hard cash.

The second night an additional $34,555.09 (again cash) got put in and the third night, well, let's just say as I'm writing this the money is still coming.

And here is where things get a bit funny.

Obviously, we locked the account down which technically should have stopped the problem however, the money kept coming.  The bank was particularly helpful but let's face it, they were holding all the money so it was a win for them.

We tried to stop how the money was coming in.  And that technically should have worked but obviously didn't as the money still kept rolling on in.

And then I started getting helpful advice of what my peeps would do if it was happening to them..

Did you go shopping?


Did you pay some bills?


So, you didn't go shopping or pay any bills?


I would have.

I didn't say I didn't want to I said I didn't.

Then there were the conversations about, Do you remember that Chinese guy who took off with 10 million that was put in his account by mistake? or What about the chick that spent that million dollars?  They never recovered it because she had spent it all and I'm pretty sure she didn't get jail.

Not helpful, peeps.

Then that golden egg..

Why don't you pay some bills?  No one will know if there's a couple of grand missing...

There.  That's it.  That's the issue.  

Spirit will know.  

My word is my world.  Not just in business but how I love, run our home, work with horses and be with Spirit.  Not just when things are good and strong and fine and fun and the sun is shining like it will never stop but all the time and most of the time I wouldn't have it any other way but...

Please, please stop putting money into my account.


Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit