30 Sec's on....

Ok, so your favourite Psychic is one very happy camper right now.  Let me tell you why...

Now you know that once I have played with Energy and heard the story it tells me, I am like a dog with a bone.  No matter what physcial facts show me or what I'm told, I only listen to the Energy and neither love, money nor threat of Paranoid Conspiracy Theories will sway me.

In my defence I can't help myself.

Energy to me is like a physical entity so telling me it doesn't exist or is wrong doesn't work for me.

literally cannot understand why you can't see what I see.

But anyway, for 11 months now I've been banging on about my home.  And you couldn't shift my thought patterns for love nor money.  I was adament I was right while everyone told me I was wrong.  

So, I would get up, see my horses, talk to my clients, play with my horses, talk to the Energy, change things round, talk to more clients, see my horses again, repeat. Every day.  

The Energy talked, I listened.  And kept changing things.

On a weekly if not daily basis.

And I talked about this Energy to my humans.  Often.  Maybe mucho often.

In the end I was banned from talking about it.

So, I did what every self respecting Cancercian chick does, I went and sat in the corner and sulked.

And then, guess what?

I had a completely random conversation today.  With someone who knows me, who had a house guest (who doesn't know me) who then had one of their friends over (who also doesn't know me) but knew my home and it's history. I know, try and keep up.  

But it was a totally random conversation with no malicious intent or words.

And Hello! all of a sudden everything that I had been banging on about for almost 12 months, was being told back to me.

Almost verbatim.



But not, if you know what I mean.

I told you, I told you, I told you.

Energy never lies.

Have a super cool week, my friend.

Much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit