30 Sec's on....

Ok, so it worked out that I threw the balance of our home out.

I know!  That sucks.  

But it's true, homes have an Energy all of their own which is separate and singular away from you, their person.  

Actually, now I'm on this subject, I believe that houses call you.  

I know for us, they do.  That our last home was a healing home.  A time to rebalance, recharge and rejuvenate.

But this home literally called us.  

Honestly, I almost didn't move us here though.  It was such a huge change that I kept freaking out, so in the end Spirit were like, C'mon now, just go and drive past.  So, I'd get in my ute, drive out and Spirit would show me Caps and Sequoia standing on the hill.  




Sequoia at fence and Caps munching grass in the background.

And I would start breathing again and go, Ok, we're going to be fine here. Until the next day when I started freaking out again.  

But hand on heart, I would have driven past our home 20 million times before I made that final commitment.

The weird thing is that both Spirit and I were right.

I was right because it was the biggest change emotionally, Spiritually and physically that I have ever had in my life apart from having a baby.  

Spirit were super right though in that it was one of the best things that has ever happened to, or maybe I should say for, us.  

Whew...man, I can talk when I get going but anyway, back to right now, all of a sudden some weird stuff started happening.  

I got a phone call about an account which had been shut 8 months ago.  My car went in for a little bit of work and what should have been a $400 bill all of a sudden had escalated to an estimate of $2000 and then other little odd bits and pieces were occuring.  Nothing major by themselves but if you put them all together they were giving me a completely different picture.   

But I don't make mistakes like this.  So, I went and made a cuppa, turned down the sound and went to sit in the Silence to see what I'd done wrong to negatively impact the Energy.

I hadn't added, shifted or changed anything inside our home so it had to be an outside thing I'd done.

I'd cleaned up, shifted weeds, done a bit of spraying, fixed some fences, shifted my Sage, planted some new plants.


Sage.  My most favourite herb in the whole wide world.  

And I love it because it is so multi-dimensional.  A beautiful Sage in it's full bloom is stunning.  The smell is amazing and it has mystical qualities.  You have to treat it with respect though because it is powerful in what it brings in.

In it's dried form it is used to cleanse and clear a home of negative Energy but it is also used to Bless a home. You can cook with it and you can drink it to balance out hormones.  It also draws money into the home and is said to be extremely lucky for gamblers if they rub their hands with fresh Sage just before they go out to gamble.  

I know, how super cool.  

However, the lovely and quite Divine Sage can go a bit muppety if it is put in the wrong position or doesn't get the right care and in the blink of an eye, all it's good qualities can turn nasty.

And I'd moved my Sage.

To directly outside my bedroom french doors encouraging the money to go in my front door, do a loop and then fall out again.

Oh sh*te.

I'd got the colours right.  The plants right but the left and right placings wrong.  That small but intristically important and delicate detail that fine tunes your home to or away from, success.   

So, I went outside and moved my darling Sage immediately. Shifting my bright pink flowered plant to directly outside my doors and moved the Sage to the protector position.  Within hours the Energy changed.  

The closed account stayed closed, estimated price of car came noticeably down and things started falling back into place as they should have originally.

It's all about the little things.

Wishing you much love, abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit