30 Sec's on....

You know, I'm always banging on about, If you don't like your life, make a different choice.  

Yip.  That's what I say.

But this week Spirit sent me a curve ball.  What if your choices came down to bad choice vs very, very bad choice.  

Ok then, that's not perfect.  

But that's the conversation I found myself having, and then this was thrown into the mix...What do you think as a Reader, but what would you personally do?

And it challenged me.

Am I the same as a Reader as I am a person? 

Well, the quick answer to that is Yes.  

And No.  

Yes, I am always a Reader.  It's not something I can turn on and off at will. So, I can't do dodgy sh*te and say, Well, that's ok because I'm not a Reader right now.  No, no, Spirit don't let me get away with stuff like that.  

But the No is because this isn't my life it's yours, and I work with your personal situation.  

For example, not all affairs have to end in divorce.  

Personally for me though, don't bother coming home because it's not your home anymore.  Life's too good to waste on a man (or any person, actually) who has no care for me.   

But anyway, that's neither here nor there, when I read I read for you but I live my life for me.

Anyway, here I was having this conversation.  Listening to this woman tell me about the court issues she was having with her ex, her lack of money and the kids she was trying to navigate through this nasty divorce.  Then all of a sudden she was crying. Her boss had put the word on her that if she didn't have sex with him, she didn't have a job.  But it wasn't the actual sex act that she was so upset about rather it was that Spirit would be upset with her because she knew his wife and babysat his kids.  

Yeah, that's bad and I'm not going to put any flowers around it to make it better.  Not as uncommon as you would think, but ugly never the less.

But now she was asking my advice not just as a Reader but what would I personally do?

Well, it goes like this...

Spirit know your heart.

Make no excuses, have no regrets, ask no ones permission. 

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit