30 Sec's on....

The bloody planets are retrograde.

Go on, ask me how I know.

Well, the first indication was that all my text messages started disappearing on me.  I'd see them come up but when I went to read them they literally weren't there.  But I was so busy that I worked on the theory that if it was important they would call me.  

My bad.

The next clue happened Friday morning.  Well, Thursday night I got a call to go down to Rotorua for a lunchtime meeting.  Excellent!  I like Rotorua.  I text another mate to do a catch up at 2 thinking I would have heaps of time.  And then packed my togs for my Spiritual pools.

Friday morning it took me 1 and a half hours to get from my house to the motorway.  It normally takes 2 minutes. Which did make me think that maybe something was a little amiss but I shrugged it off and just got on my way.

I didn't end up getting down there until almost 12.30 because, well, I just didn't and then the meeting ran longer than expected.  Naturally.  And then it worked out it was a no go anyway.  Not a biggie as I wouldn't have known unless I had come down.

Went to meet my mate and then realized there had been a miscommunication and we were in different places 20 minutes apart.  No problem, we both changed where we were and had the most fabulous catch up.  

Then I popped along to my Spiritual pools and spent a very relaxing and chilled out time with Spirit.

I was feeling really good as overall the day had been super enjoyable, there had been some really good soul moments and I just chalked the meeting up to experience.

I left Rotorua about 7 thinking I would have a cruisy and fairly easy drive home having dodged all the traffic.

Which I did until I hit my favourite little town, Matamata.  Now, let me say here that I think Matamata is super cute.  However, as I passed the gas station at the bottom of town all of a sudden a cop who was sitting there in the dark, turned on his lights, started flashing them and then did a U turn with a little bit of a screech as he pulled out to get the bad guy.  I pulled over and slowed down to let him pass.

He didn't.

Instead he did this swervey type thing and pulled in behind me and then another ute type car pulled in behind him.

I looked around to see who had caused this little police outburst thinking I was about to see a scene out of Police Ten 7 and then realised the cop was coming towards me.  

Thinking I had misread the situation I looked around again but no, just me. And the ute behind the cop.

Ok then.  This isn't good.

I got out of the car and waited for him to come over, which he did and he says, Hi, how are you doing tonight?  There was that funny silence. Good...  Then he continued, We've had a complaint about you.


No sh*te.  The guy in the ute had been coming towards me, saw me (in his words), Swerving and weaving, left to right and going over the medium strip and then called the cops on me who were waiting patiently for moi at the gas station.  Me!  Can you believe it?  Then while Mr Ute was talking to Mr Policeman on phone then turned around and followed me to make sure I wasn't going to do a runner!

I then spent the next 20 minutes doing a breathalyzer test to prove I wasn't drunk, lying about the work I do (no way, was I saying I was a Clairvoyant) freaking out that I was going to have to tell the young one that a) I got arrested b) The car got impounded and c) Explaining that No, I don't do recreational drugs and now I have the paperwork to prove it.

They then did checks on me for fines, speeding and other odd bits and bobs and then I was freaking out that in some random universe I had got speeding fines and I was about to a) Lose my licence and b) Get my car impounded.  

And then I was freaking out again because I had known a criminal lawyer years ago who had always said, Don't say a word apart from asking for a lawyer.  Good advice as it worked out, coming only second to mine which is, Don't get caught.

Anyway, no lawyers needed but it was one of those truly random moments.

I drove very, very slowly home.

With a healthy respect for the planets and a huge pat on my back for not personally thanking the man in the ute.  

And most certainly, not checking texts.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit