30 Sec's on....

Ok, so here I am with a cuppa and some chocolate thinking about bunnies.

I know, random.

But actually, no, not so much because I am seeing ads all round the place about Don't buy your kids a bunny for Easter.

Ok then.  That sounds valid.

So, let us have a look at some of the cutest rabbits in the world and then I want to talk about the different Goddesses of Fertility because there seems to be nothing but pregnancy signs around me so we may as well have a tutu about this. 











And my personal favourite...



Right.  Now you've had your dose of cuteness, let us talk about pregnancy and the Goddesses of Fertility.

Well, there are a whole heap of them so let me just pick the ones that I think you will like:

Candelifera: was Roman.  She was invoked at the beginning of childbirth. Her name means Candle Bearer and she used this light to guide a child into the world.

Deverra:  was also Roman and she protected the Midwives and women in labour.  Her broom was used to sweep away evil influences.

Eleithyia:  was Greek and the Goddess of Childbirth and Labour.  She was shown as a woman weilding a torch, representing the burning pains of childbirth, or with her arms raised in the air to summon a child into the light.

Hathor: was Egyptian.  The Seven Hathors blessed the new born and set it's Destiny.  But wait, The Seven Hathors were either portrayed as cows or beautiful women.  In their human form they are present at the birth of a child, where they pronounce it's fate.  They are also called on for help in matters of love as well as protection from Evil Spirits.  The power of the red hair ribbons of The Seven Hathors is used to bind dangerous Spirits and render them harmless. 

Ok, so that sounds fun but why also depicted as a cow?

Hathor, along with the goddess Nut, was associated with the Milky Way Galaxy during the third millennium B.C. when, during the fall and spring equinoxes, it aligned over and touched the earth where the sun rose and fell. The four legs of the celestial cow represented Nut or Hathor could, in one account, be seen as the pillars on which the sky was supported with the stars on their bellies constituting the milky way on which the solar barque of Ra, representing the sun, sailed.

Oh c'mon, that's kind of cool!

And with other things you didn't realize you didn't know...

To get pregnant: 14 days after you get your period you ovulate, so 5 days before ovulation (you can self test here if you are unsure and it goes like this - mucus becomes clear and stretchy between your fingers) have sex, then 10 days after ovulation the embryo implants into the uterus (see even in conception guys always take their time) then 2 days after that there will be enough HCG in the system to give you a positive test.  

You're welcome.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit


And while I was writing today's blog another little soul was born into this world.  Welcome, Jasmine.  May life far exceed your expectations xx  

** Thank you, Natasha for sharing your How to pregnancy tips.