30 Sec's on....

Ok, so I'm at my front door, trying to get my key in the lock while juggling fruit and vege bags and taking off my boots and I happen to see this green thing out of the corner of my eye.

It was small and just sitting on the ledge type thingy.

That's weird, I thought, I don't remember seeing this toy here before.  

So, I put everything down, leaned over to have a closer look and then gave it a poke.

And the smallest frog I have ever seen, opened it's eye lids and dark blue eyes stared back at me. 

I screamed.  



Honestly, he scared me half to death.  

But, once I'd calmed down I phone skyped the young one expecting some sort of American, long distance nurturing and Hello!...

At least it wasn't a black snake sneakily wriggling around in the bush. Like we do.  Plus we have little frogs that come out of the bush every night at work.  Very cute.

You know I could really go off him some days.

But you know, it's really weird for an animal to come to your door especially if it takes up residence so let us have a look at frogs.

Frogs signify: luck, fertility, creativity, cleansing, Intuition and transformation but because of how the frog lives his life, when a frog visits it is always about a metamorphosis for the person or persons he visits.  

And because the frog has an incredible journey from conception to adulthood - he goes from an egg to a wiggly tailed, tadpole to growing arms and legs while it's tail recedes - you cannot see a frog and not be blessed yourself with fertility, creativity, rebirth and transformation.  And as he spends time on both land and water the frog signifies the duality of your soul.    

Ok, I'm pretty happy with that.  Let's see what else the frog brings...

1) In Japan the frog is a symbol of good luck while the Romans believed frogs brought good luck into the home.

2) To Greeks and Romans the frog is a symbol of fertility and harmony.  For Egyptians the frog symbolizes life and fertility, rebirth and resurrection.  This was because the frog was a creature born of the annual flooding of the Nile, which made barren lands, fertile.  This is how the Goddess of Fertility, Heget (meaning frog) came into Mythology.

3) Native Aborigines believe that frogs bring thunder and lightning and rain to help plants grow.  In Vietnam the frog is called the Uncle of the Sky.

4) In Ancient China the frog symbolizes healing and good fortune in business and last but not least...

5) In Native American culture the frog is associated with the Spirit Animal that connects to the Water elements (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), the Intuitive side that we own and all that is highly Psychic.  The frog also talks of emotions, the Divine Feminine and cleanses physically, emotionally and Spiritually.  

Well, ok then.

I need to go now and make friends with Barney.

And call the young one re contraception.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit