30 Sec's on....


I don't know about you but this year is just jumping ahead in leaps and bounds.  But with no discernable path if you know what I mean.

Let me explain:

I had a vague plan.  But then other opportunities kept presenting themselves. So, I was like, Ok, let me just have a quick look at this... and then Hello! new plan has arrived and I'm off in a new but far better one than my original plan.

But the funny thing is normally I have Plan A and then if a better plan comes up then it is a new, Plan A.  But this is not exactly how it's working out.  I'm having Plan A and then all of a sudden I'm walking a completely new and different path.



then think...

It is the oddest thing.

And I can only put it down to one thing:

1) I've refused to be little this year.  I've stopped pretending that my life is small so I don't upset anyone but the reality is, it's not.  I do the work I love, in the way I love.  I don't use an alarm clock to wake up and haven't for years.  I work and play and nap and sleep and eat when I wish.  With those who I wish to with.  Or not.  I go where I want, when I want and how I want. I see people when I want and also happily, don't.  

But please don't think I'm the kind of girl that has so much money I don't have to work because that's wrong, I do.  I'm just lucky that I make money from the things I love and am good at.  

But that's been hard won.

Because I learnt the hard way about the words that are spoken.  How they define you and either liberate or confine others.  And that your word, ultimately, is the only currency that matters.  But enough about that.

So, now it is all about the lifestyle I choose to own.  The choices I make on a daily basis.  And the repercussions that happen through those choices.

And over time I have watched small changes happen but now all of a sudden I'm watching stunning results come in. 

All of what I wanted?  No.  And noticeably No in some respects.  But then I wait a bit and then Boom! Spirit are like, Hey Tania, look what we've got for you...

It's like Christmas every day.  Actually, I don't like Christmas so maybe not that.  Think Easter.  I love Easter.  Actually, that's it, the 4 days of Easter.  

Death, Renewal, Rebirth.

And chocolate.

Don't forget the chocolate.

Happy Monday, my friend.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit