30 Sec's on....

I want to talk about Astral Travelling today.  

That beautiful dreamstate which is not a dream.

Personally, I have been doing a huge amount of it recently so I'm wondering, Why? all of a sudden.  Or more to the point, Why more than normal?

Partly, I think it's because I'm working freely and openly with the Clair-senses now but also because I'm linking certain things together.  I mean I talk openly to you guys about how shy I've always been and you have also heard me talk about the Stillness.  And I now know there is a direct link between them and that they are different branches of the same tree.  

However, whether it was because of the shyness that I learnt how to go into the Stillness and hear Spirit or the shyness was an off shoot of being in the Stillness and Spirit talking, I don't know.  

It's a bit of a Chicken and Egg scenario.

But what I do know is that shyness, Stillness and Spirit walk the same path and are all connected to Astral Travelling.  

Because it's all about frequencies.

Getting on the right frequency.  

Not so you are able to do malicious things like finding out what someone is doing or thinking or fantasizing about.  No, no, not that.

But being able to speak and touch and hear and communicate without words. Because words are the very basest form of communication you can get. Apart from casual sex.

And once you're on this higher frequency anything can happen.

Deja vu which we have all experienced and is that feeling that we have been here before.  Or that feeling which tells us the phone is about to ring just before it does.  Or who it is on the phone.  Or that niggly feeling that tells us that we need to speak to someone. Or when plans have changed at the last minute and we have found ourselves at a new place at a particular time and it's changed everything.  

Well, Astral Travelling is the night and deeper version of this.  

The ability for the physical body to sleep while the soul travels to another place.  To visit friends, to meet up with people you know but haven't physcially met yet (you hear the soul call so you go visit them) or to check in on someone you love.  Refer back to not malicious paragraph here because it is not to be used to check up on a guy you like if he doesn't like you back.

However, it is the ability to temporarily separate the soul from the physical shell your body owns.

Actually, let me digress here.  Many, many times you've heard me talk about using water to call someone.  To use water (either the shower, bath or ocean) to clear the senses to tune into someone no matter distance, time or country. However, you can only tune into someone if they are on the same frequency as you.  If you are both listening to the same radio station so to speak.

Actually, I'm going to share a story here about my 13 year old self and one of the very first times I actively spoke about being able to travel.    

So, I was at Youth Group (Church) and I had this uber crush on this super hot, tall, blue eyed, red haired guy. Named Douglas.  I know, do not, I repeat do not say a word.  Anyway, this was the Sunday and everyone was going over to his house the following Saturday before Youth Group again Sunday.  On the Thursday night I Astral Travelled and saw the layout of the room, the things in his living room, who was there, sitting where and what they were wearing.

I was so excited.

On Saturday I told everyone.

On Sunday they explained I was doing the Devil's work and needed to be exorcised.

I was stunned.  Because it was the first time I had ever come across ignorance and fear and littleness about this place I could go to.

But I learnt 3 very important things that day:

1) Not everyone is a friend of Spirit.

2) Astral Travelling really is the absolute coolest thing in the known Universe and

3) Don't date redheads.  

I'm only joking about the last one...but working with the Stillness, Spirit and the Clair-senses is amazing.  

It's waking up every day and touching the dimming switch, tuning out the wordly sounds and turning up your light.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit