30 Sec's on....

I don't know about you but for me, this has been a huge Spiritual year so far.  

I mean, don't get me wrong, Spirit always stand strong with me but this year they have poked, prodded, pushed and shaped.  Which is great because I kind of look at it as taking me to the next level.  Think doing a Degree in Spirituality.  

Because that's what it feels like.  Once I finally get one level right and consistently right then they go, Excellent. Moving right along!

That's kind of cool.  

But it must be the same for you, because in the last couple of weeks I've had an extraordinary amount of people ask me questions about Spirit and how I work with them.

So, let us have a little tutu:

Can everyone work with Spirit?

Yes.  Should everyone? No.  Let me clarify.  Yes, everyone has the ability to talk to Spirit but no, not everyone should.  If you want to work with Spirit because you want to work with the Clair-senses and find a deeper connection and contentment then Yes but if you only want to work with Spirit because you want to win Lotto and not work, well, stop wasting Spirits time.  The amount of time I've had someone say to me, Well, if you're a Psychic, pick the Lotto numbers!  is just disturbing and I don't know how to say to you, As long as you can pay your bills whether you have $1 to your name or $1,000,000 is of no consequence.  Money is just money.  No more and no less.  

But what I will say is that you can't buy the Clair-senses and you can't cheat your way into them. There is no short cut.

Is it hard to work with Spirit?

I don't find it hard. Now.  I guess maybe it was hard when I first started.  But I made it harder because I didn't trust them.  I didn't believe in them enough to know that they hold me in the palm of their hand and as long as I work from my very best, Highest Light place then we're fine.

What do you mean when you talk about your Highest Light place?

Ah, that's the place where my true soul sits.  The place that doesn't have fear or ignorance, pain, addiction, sexual promiscuity, sadness or jealousy.  It is my purest place.

Is intent enough?

Hmmmm...I thought this question might come up.  And if I'm honest I tussle with this one because I don't work on the theory of Everyone is equal and Intent is the only thing that matters.  I believe that everyone is created equal but the choices we make change that.  And everytime I hear someone say, My intent is pure but then tell me about their chaotic life or that they've helped Karma along it makes me want to bang my head against a brick wall until my brains fall out.  

Intent is not the same as action.  I intend to go to the gym but normally roll over and snuggle back under my duvet.  Actually, not normally, always. Therefore I don't go to the gym.  In the same respect, you also cannot Intend to work with Spirit but still make bad choices in your personal, work, family and love life.  Think of your Highest Light place.

I thought you needed to be humble?

This is normally accompanied by an eye roll.  Ok, well I admit that maybe humble is not a word that is normally used in reference to me.  Or the first 20 words that you think of.  But I do have passion and commitment and a pick myself up and dust myself off attitude.  And I fight as hard for you and your success as I do for myself.  Humble is good but Spirit also like the fighters.

If I work with Spirit does this mean that I can't smoke or drink or swear?

Well, I've worked professionally with Spirit almost 24 years now and in that time I have been both a heavy smoker and a drinker.  And sworn.  A lot.  I stopped smoking because Spirit said it was time (I was a 2 pack a day girl) and I stopped drinking because I either had to stop mucking round and become a totally committed drinker or give it away and really go into the next level with the Clair-senses.  

It's funny though because I drank to be sociable, to not hear your thoughts and to fit in and pretend I wasn't as shy as what I am.  Works out I still wasn't sociable, I heard your thoughts louder and I'm still as shy writing this as when I was a child.  

However, on a positive note, I also learnt that Divine Truth that your choice really isn't my choice and I don't have to accept it.  Nor ask your permission for how I live my life and that the way I am, inclusive of my shyness is perfect.  

But I still swear.  A lot.

Would you change anything with Spirit?


So, that's it.  I hope this has helped you a little this morning in your journey with Spirit...or at least answered the questions that have been bugging you.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit