30 Sec's on....

So, here I am sitting on my deck in the late afternoon sun, listening to the crickets or cicada's or whatever makes that weird chirping sound, thinking of Spirit.

Not surprising because it is a highly Spiritual time at the moment.  Not just with odd moon Energy but because this Energy is also bringing Addictions with it.

Or bringing Addictions into the light.  

And I'm finding it challenging at the moment because not only did I walk this path with my ex fiancee but I'm also seeing some of you girls take this journey at the moment, and it's heart breaking to watch.  

To see you running yourselves ragged trying to fix someone else. To plug holes that aren't of your making and watch you make excuses for your partner.  To see you do the work of fixing the addiction when it's not even yours to own.  To watch you get your hopes up only to be let down time and time and time again.  

To stand still on the sidelines and support you yet not be able to help you.

Yeah, that's a bit hard.  

But I truly believe that a woman who chooses to be with a man who has an addiction has a journey the same way a man does.

It's a process.

A hard, troubled and often disturbing process but one that ultimately is brave, powerful and empowered.

So, I'm not going to sit here today and tell you that you should walk away from a man who drinks or gambles or does drugs or women, because I'm not. That's not my job.  Nor do I want it to be. 

And I'm also not going to sit here and tell you that your particular man can't get past, over, under or through his addictions.  

No, no...not me.  I'm not going to say that.

Some guys make it.  Some girls make it.  And some lucky ones actually make it together.

But most don't. Or at least not with you.

This I know.

But this I also know.

You are strong, you are brave, you are courageous.  And you will be fine.

Absolutely, perfectly, divinely fine.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit