30 Sec's on....

You know I am Miss Anti Casual Sex girl.

I mean, seriously, apart from being emotionally offended, I am diametrically opposed to being given so little.  

For me, it's like standing at the oceans edge and then being handed a teaspoon.

And I get sad.

Because I like colours and vibrancy and laughter and depth and you just can't get that when you're doing the casual thing.

But why I'm talking about this today is I heard from someone I knew many, many, many moons ago in fact, we are just touching 10 years ago now and it reminded me of a conversation that we had way back then.

Because it went like this:  

Don't do this.  Don't get into a relationship with him.  I know he's hot and everything you think you want in a man but trust me, Do. Not. Do. This.

Actually, I have to mention here that sometimes when a woman is about to get involved with a bad man I actually have breathing issues.  I start getting anxiety, my heart starts palpitating and I teeter on the edge of panic.  

But back to my story...

Wait, give me a minute...ok, I can work with this.  The connection that you tell me that you have with him well, go away for the night, shag his brains out. Get your fill.  Then get up and walk away. 

Well, the first part worked.

And over the course of the next 10 years I would periodically hear from her and my advice was always the same.

Cut your losses.  Walk away.

Until this morning.

She's in jail.

Now, I bet right about now you'll be feeling a little uncomfortable because well, it is uncomfortable but you'll still be saying to yourself, But I'm not like her.

Well, see here, kiddo right here's the problem.  

She was like you and I.

Attractive, intelligent, had a great job, awesome home, beautiful kids. A good family and great friends.

She just chose a man who was abusive.

Outwardly he was good looking, charismatic, fun loving and had a great job. Inside the home he was emotionally, Spiritually, financially and intimately abusive.  He took her self-esteem, her pride, her respect and ultimately, her ability to make good choices.

Ha! I hear you say, But if she had just had casual sex then it would have been fine. 

Ooohhhhh...I like your thinking this morning 99, but that's a NO.

Casual sex takes away your ability to see a man for who he is.  It by-passes the  getting to know him bit.  Because if she had got to know him she would have walked.  

And proves my point that there is no such thing as casual sex.

One way or another, you always pay the piper.

Wishing you much love and abundance and a truly courageous heart.

T and Spirit