Motivation Sparkles...


Your body is your best friend. For your body to love, laugh, work and create it must first have the energy levels to be able to do this. For you to draw the Health card means that this is an area of your life where changes need to be made. This does not mean that you have serious health issues ahead but it is a warning that just like your car a "tune-up" is needed. You live a busy lifestyle and the energy levels that you deplete everyday through work, partners, parents, children and friends needs to be re-charged. Soul time is needed here for you and this may involve a change of diet, a new exercise regime, or just learning how to say the word "no". Please be aware that the Health card is an "orange" light signifying that you need to slow down, not tomorrow or next week.....but today.


Calmness, serenity, quiet time, delegation


I am a unique and interesting individual, being loved by me is a gift, not a right.