Horse Sense....

                            It's been a bloody brilliant week. Yes, the weather has been crap a lot of it, although the ... Read post
                      Ok, so we got a final result from the Cannabanoid oil - I ended up putting on weight. The calories got less by 600 per ... Read post
                         I'm getting phenomenal results. * Day 4 - Had another fantastic sleep last night.  Blood sugar ... Read post
                     So Boo-ba-licious is being a giangantic pain in the ass at the moment. Mainly because he is missing ... Read post
                           You know why I love Az? He's bloody hilarious. Not only does he have the most fantastic ... Read post
                                   As I'm writing this our cows have gone to another home. It was not ... Read post
                     An exiting day today because Nana, the young one (on video chat) and I are going to go see Belle on the track at ... Read post
                       So y'all, do you know the difference between Silverbeet and Chard? If you had asked me 24 hours ago I would have ... Read post
                      So Donz cornered me for a chat today, and it went like this... You need to feed us.  This grass is shite, and we ... Read post
                                        So Chew has found out how to eat the chicken ... Read post
                        And just after 5am this morning, my Peacock called me. It was bloody beautiful, lying in bed, listening to ... Read post
                       Ralph is threatening to move out. Well, to be fair, I don't blame him, because it goes like this: There I was ... Read post
                    And we're back fencing. First off, the chicken wire seems (as I'm writing this, fingers crossed and holding my breath) to be ... Read post
                        Belle and I had a really good chitchat today. Lots of Touch/play and generally speaking about this ... Read post
                      So what have I learnt about chickens? 1) They need a Rooster. This annoys me more than you can possibly ... Read post
                               So following on in the realms of the weird and bizarre... There was a damn kitten ... Read post
                         Don't name the cows Don't name the cows Don't name the cows Don't name the cows Don't name the cows Don't ... Read post
                is just a beautiful time here. We're not doing anything amazing or note worthy or anything which ... Read post
                        So what have I learnt over the last 7 days? That when I say, I was just standing there, and my knee turned ... Read post
                             If it is possible to fall in love with a chicken, then I have with Coyote. He is absolutely ... Read post
                       It should be illegal for anyone who doesn't know farming, animals or renovation/fencing stuff, to work in either ... Read post
                        So you know when your kids are young, someone gives them a cookie or piece of cake and they ... Read post
                       Mumma's hurt herself! Got up this morning and did my normal feed out, then scooted down to Welcome Paddock to ... Read post
                       Ok, so it works out the young one was right on the first, Ooooohhhhh...that sounds like a good idea, let's ... Read post
                       So I need to take another fecal sample. This is super annoying for a few reasons.  Well, two. 1) I don't ... Read post
                      And just like that the bloody cows are gone! I kidd you not, after all that bloody hoo ha about shifting paddocks etc, ... Read post