Horse Sense....

    Note to self: When someone says, Hey, do you want to come pick up some hay and we'll give you a bbq after...  do not just hear, Free dinner.   And when I offer ... Read post
    So, today was a little odd because I was a little off centre.  Not hormonally challenged, no no they were all playing nicely but just, you know, off.  So, I knew I wasn't ... Read post
    Wow, it's been crazy busy. Missy is making me dig deep.  To use every sense I have to make every day better.  More connected.  More life enhancing. And I have to ... Read post
    So, Missy and I have a foundation. Now we can build on it. And that's what we've been doing.  She hears me.  Tick.  I hear her.  Tick.  She trusts me. ... Read post
    Well, first off, taking a few days break from Missy was an excellent idea.   Sometimes this happens.  We get results and then everyone goes a bit funky - kind of ... Read post
    I'm a size 10!! Halle-freaking-llujah. I wasn't fitting my shorts so popped down to get some new ones since, well, I wear them when I'm with the horses so I needed some.  I ... Read post
    I am so proud of myself! Missy and I were standing there watching two horses train this morning and they looked so cute all geared up, but when they came in, for the very first ... Read post
    Boom, baby. Missy's talking. I love this part.  Actually, I love every part of this process.  But when the door swings open, it's beautiful. And that's where ... Read post
      I've spoken to Caps this morning about Buzz and his lack of manners and asked him to sort this out. This is good on many levels, the main one being, ... Read post
  I LOVE Fenny! Not only is she super cute, but she's so tiny.  I mean, when I take Caps through their paddock to go out Fenny just stands there looking at him in awe, Whooo...he's ... Read post
  And the little ones were uber well behaved on their visit today.   Right up to the time I said, Time to go!  Which naturally made Chew take a pee.   Inside. ... Read post
  I can't believe how busy it's getting here. But not crazy busy like it has been, but rather soul connected and contented busy. Mostly because I've had to make some choices, take ... Read post
  It’s been pretty crazy here. I know!  As if last week wasn’t it’s own kind of crazy. But anyway, Sequoia has found her person.  “A" and her trainer flew ... Read post
  Well, if you've been following us on Insta bad things have been happening to Harriet.  Very, very bad things. One minute she was fine and then she wasn't. Badly ... Read post
  Ok, so hands on heart, I can say that things are going well.  I would say, brilliantly but I don't believe in pushing my luck. Harriet is good and keeps on getting better ... Read post
  So, I was about to write about how super well-behaved the mini's had been.   That they come when called (that alone should have made me suspicious) and put themselves to bed at ... Read post
  I've decided to get two calves.  Little ones, ones that need milk. Two reasons:  1) The paddocks are amazing when you run both horses and cows and  2) I want to. We go ... Read post
  Ok, today has been totally out there in it’s weirdness. We picked up Sequoia today. On the spur of the moment, I ended up taking a little buddy with me and she was great company. ... Read post
  Ok, so this whole bumps and loss of hair is doing my head in.  But as far as I can tell no one else apart from Caps is suffering from this.  It's ... Read post
  I am so freaking proud of us! Az got on float (4 minutes), travelled well and then got off float with no issues apart from having stood on his rope halter and didn't ... Read post
  Ok, so it's been a bit weird here.   There's been lots of quiet contemplation about Sequoia combined with lots of verbal conversations about her with friends and no matter what ... Read post
  OMFG it's cold. Not only is the fire consistently going but I also have three duvets, 10 pillows and a heater going in my room.  I swear, I have never been this cold. ... Read post
  I've given in and rugged up Ralph. We've had thunderstorms and lightning and there he was just standing there by himself, in the pouring rain, all soggy.   I do believe that I can ... Read post
  I swear, hand on heart, there was a gunshot last night. Apparently, the ducks agreed with me because there was quacking and flapping and, Tarn!  Tarn!  There's a ... Read post
  Guess who didn't want to stay in the paddock by himself last night?     Correct. The welsh menance. Now, in his defence he did call me twice.   The first time he ... Read post
    Explain to me how, when it is cold, wet and muddy can Ralph look like a Rock Star. Seriously, he's a gorgeous caramel and blonde colour...         Never ... Read post