Horse Sense....

                           Ok, I've finally calmed down about Boo. Mainly because everything seems to be working ... Read post
                       And Boo is such a dude. I mean, he's getting huge, so I'm always super careful now, but today he was so ... Read post
                              So there I am chatting to Mumma at the gate last night and out of the corner of my eye, I ... Read post
                     So the word we are looking for in regards to food (because apparently we have to label this journey) is, drum roll ... Read post
                     So last fecal count came back just now... 2100 and 1400. Way better than the 9000 and 10000 that we have had the ... Read post
                          So I thought I had killed Lightning. Well, she always follows me round, and then Hello! she's ... Read post
                       Ok, so all of a sudden Spirit are taking me to another level with the Clair-senses. Not that I realized ... Read post
                        It's been awesome here. We needed space to just be.  And that's what happened. And to be fair, I could ... Read post
                       So it's been really interesting here. Back on the 19th December, Spirit tapped me on the shoulder and ... Read post
                      So Fenny's got her game on. She's been standing at the gate when I feed out breakfast to Caps and Ralph.  Not ... Read post
                      Az and I are doing pretty well with our Play. He is particularly food focussed though, so is more, Did I do ... Read post
                              Liam's first Covid test came back negative. **** So it's been an unusual couple of ... Read post
                               So from peeps that apparently know shite, Boo is going to be just shy of 17 ... Read post
                        And the stones have been calling. Well, they started a couple of days ago, but finally got my attention ... Read post
                       So what is coming to me at the moment, is all these articles about foals interacting with Mumma. Studies which ... Read post
                          Two things happened today that are worth mentioning: 1) I realized I am super protective of both Mumma ... Read post
                           Would you please, please, please stop asking me why I got a Rooster, it's like bloody ... Read post
                              And I went too bloody fast today with Boo! I knew we were, but since I didn't Touch ... Read post
                              OMG it is sooooooooo cold here, it's like an artic frost. One minute we were fine and the ... Read post
                             Still no Boo, so moving right along... Suz is the funniest little girl. So first off, she ... Read post
                        First off, no bloody Boo. Now he's just taking the piss but you know, I want him as healthy as he can be, as ... Read post
                       No Boo, but it's all good.  Boo pokes his nose out and then goes, Nope...too cold and goes back ... Read post
                                      So this is a waiting period here. Waiting for baby, waiting ... Read post
                                     So Mumma was extremely bad tempered today, and was either ... Read post
                           And the stables are finished! They're fucking awesome and I am so happy with them.  We did a ... Read post
                                It's getting really exciting here now! Mumma's getting close, but she said until ... Read post