Horse Sense....

                                  So I went and saw my Acupunturist for my knee.   He's been over in ... Read post
                                  I am NEVER getting to the races at the moment.  Breathing and praying, ... Read post
                                So Mumma bears and I are all good. Finally. **** Cappy is just so unbelievably ... Read post
                                  So I look out my window this morning and Mummas jacket is half off. She must ... Read post
                                    What I love about the little ones and Az, is they are very ... Read post
                                        So the Welcome Paddock and sand worked really well up ... Read post
                       Ok, so I have to start this week with an apology, I mucked up. Actually, it happened yesterday (Wednesday) but ... Read post
                  Super short blog this week as we were hit badly with Retrograde last, and most of this week, being unable to send or receive emails, do ... Read post
                      Oh My Fucking God - my cows are such drama queens when it comes to food... So I had some left overs, and Googled ... Read post
                        So Betty comes for breakfast and sometimes dinner, and is starting to feel better about her Mumma. But I'm not ... Read post
                      Ok, today was weird. The Specialist was interesting and genuinely nice.  Great combination. I found out that ... Read post
                       OMFG Belles is a princess! She has these beautiful big brown eyes, super long eyelashes, and a gorgeously thick ... Read post
                         Morning of 74 - Belles is so happy to be with Mumma and Cappy. Mumma is making sure Belle knows that ... Read post
                        And I was so focussed on Belles, that I completely missed seeing Az and he is, as I am writing this, completely ... Read post
                       So I'm not too happy with Belles Healing at the moment. I'm not liking her Energy too much. There's nothing ... Read post
                                  Morning of 53 Super happy. No medicine means that Belle never got ... Read post
                                   Morning of 46 And another picture... And actual morning picture - ... Read post
                            And I woke up to this, this morning...Morning 39 A bit colourful and not quite what I ... Read post
                          Jezus Fuck that storm was bad last night! I had got a bit lax because we handle storms well here, but ... Read post
                                  Belle - Day 1 (original wound) and tonight, Day 31 No medication other than ... Read post
                                  Blame it on the Retrograde, baby doll. Love you lots, see you next ... Read post
                                  I've decided to not post the blog this week. I've written it, but it will ... Read post
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                           Love...Love...Love Easter Friday. It is one of my most favourite days of the year, and is the only ... Read post
                      I am really surprised at the amount of people that tell me that food doesn't matter. That they have this pyramid of ... Read post
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