Horse Sense....

    We are in complete lock down here now in New Zealand, apart from essential businesses.   The Government is also encouraging people to dob in those that they think might ... Read post
    Ok, my Acupunturist was super cute today. I walked in the door and the next minute he had an electronic thermomenter aimed at me, taking my bloody temperature!  Then gave me ... Read post
    So there I was lying on the deck with my laptop, trying to multi task by tweaking next weeks blog and grabbing the last of the Summer rays, and the next minute: Tap...tap... Elvis ... Read post
    Liam got the PHD Scholarship. 8.01 Friday morning, he opened his email and there was the offer. I am so unbelieveably proud of him.  Details to follow. **** Super cool ... Read post
    Belle is sooooooooooooooooo pissed off about this halter. I'm assuming that if I keep doing my thing, then eventually she will understand that she wants what she wants again, and ... Read post
    I've obviously missed steps with the rope. Go on, ask me how I know? Because our dance is not right. We're clumsy, and it shouldn't be like that.  It should be a dance where ... Read post
    Belle is doing beautifully. We had a fantastic play date today.  Belle is all good with the rope and overall is pretty Meh! about the whole thing, which is just ... Read post
    Oh wait...I remember why I didn't use the rope earlier, foals think that you are playing with them, and it takes you both down the wrong road. Our timing is perfect.   Note ... Read post
    So today I had two wins and a fail. Personally, I think that it should read at 2.5 to .5 but since I'm sitting on the deck writing this and Caps is glaring at me, you know, let's ... Read post
    I know this is going to sound a bit bizarre, ok, ok, well maybe that train has already left the station, but anyway, I swear that Az is sulking. If I leave him in the paddock with ... Read post
    Belle got an ass whooping from Mumma today. Well, for the last couple of days Belle has been quite high in Energy.  Wanting to do little nips all round the place, and ... Read post
    I went to see one of my friends the other day.  She'd been away having stuff done, but when I saw her she was like, Look...look at me, Tania.  Look what they've ... Read post
    So Cappy got his tail caught in the fence today, and scared himself half to death. We'd been breakfasting, then having a groom, and once everyone finishes their meal (apart from ... Read post
    So someone's stealing from me. And I'm fucking filthy on it. Now first off, I've been in business going on 26 years now, and have come across just about every con going.  In ... Read post
    Ok, so this new stuff is working amazingly! Love it! So got some more.  Had to be ordered in which was fine, got a phone call and went to pick it up.  Got home and said ... Read post
    So Caps and I were standing at the gate this morning (having just finished a bit of a chitchat and touch) watching Elvis try to wiggle under part of the gate, to get to the other ... Read post
     So a new horse has come to play, and he is absolutely hilarious. First off, his horse/human door is open, which is fantastic, but he's never come across someone ... Read post
    I was right.  It was the food I had added in - too rich for Mares tummy.  A little is ok, once possibly twice a week.  But not until I have our balance back ... Read post
    Cross grazing: Cows (because they eat the long grass), then horses (they eat the short grass), then sheep because they eat everything else.  Obviously, this ... Read post
    Ok, so my "surprise" herb type thingy, did not give me the reaction I wanted. Not even close. I mean, don't get me wrong, I had an extremely pleasant afternoon, but it ... Read post
    Elvis is in the paddock with Caps as I am writing this, and he is not a happy bunny. However, I got a phone call today asking if my lamb was by the house.  Yes, I ... Read post
    So I used to bet against Mr B at the stables when he was still working there, and it was lots of fun. However, at the start, I mostly lost. Because we used to bet on pregnant ... Read post
     So Chew's got a new party trick. If you can call him, before him and his crew (Ralph and Suz) get to the end of the drive way, then he does a little buck, then a u-turn and ... Read post
    So I got to the stables and Mares and Belle had moved paddocks. It's a cool paddock, lots of grass and big room to move. I saw the new horse in Mares old paddock though and was ... Read post
    Well, it worked out that the Naughty Stick was one of the worst ideas I could have had. And that's what Mares was trying to tell me. Because it works out, when you wave a stick at ... Read post
      It's crazy Energy here at the moment.   No, really, I'm always in the right place at the right time, but never where I intend to be, if you know what I mean. So I'm ... Read post
    Caps is 13 today! It always surprises me when another Birthday comes around with him.  As if I can't believe we are another year together.  Well, anyway, I'm super proud ... Read post