Horse Sense....

                                    It has just taken me 20 seconds to put $50 worth of diesel in my ... Read post
                                So I think I've got my feed back on track. Well, first off, I've gone back to the ... Read post
                               I'm really lucky, my neighbours are all super lovely. Most either have horses, ... Read post
                                And I got  my horses (all 7) wormed within 15 minutes. I tell you what, that ... Read post
                                    So I go out this afternoon and Az and Ralphy poo are outside just ... Read post
                                   And I had some brilliant news today. Works out, while I was trying to ... Read post
                                    So I ended up racing with the horses tonight on the ... Read post
                                  I lasted 6 days with the no-poo. I tried my best, and for 4 days, I did ... Read post
                                     So it's been a bit cold here. But I was still persevering with ... Read post
                                     And the Botox party is over, baby. We thought it might have ... Read post
                                 Chew loves this new product and has taken to hanging round nonchalantly, ... Read post
                                 Chew's hooves are insane. They grow at such a rate that we were talking today ... Read post
                                   The Energy is so weird here, it's a little mind blowing. First off, ... Read post
                                   Doesn't Cappy look gorgeous? When I fed him last night he was ... Read post
                                              All ready to go to Cambridge ... Read post
                                Got a fantastic photo of my babies today, while we were having the storm, inbetween ... Read post
                                    For obvious reasons, it has been crazy batshite here. Not only is ... Read post
                                    Check out my first fermented Red Cabbage!! Tastes pretty damn good, ... Read post
                                  So Lil's was well enough to spend time outside on the deck today. Not long, ... Read post
                                                      ... Read post
                       I told you that the Interest Rates would go up. ASB housing variable rate will go from 5.85% to 6.35% as of 20th ... Read post
                                 So the Wet, wild and scary weather turned into just a snotty Winter's ... Read post
                              I have to do a proud Mumma moment today! My son, Liam just got his second Masters ... Read post
                                                    You know there ... Read post
                                     A weird, but very cool thing happened this morning at feed out ... Read post
                                 I don't know about you, but I'm mighty tired with this Energy. I'm always ... Read post
                                  You know, it is not that I am disorganised, it is because of Daylight ... Read post