Horse Sense....

    I was back grooming the little one today. First Mama and then him. And there he was, Whatcha doing?  as he's popping his head over, under and round.   Grooming. ... Read post
    Ok, so yesterday I rocked up to Mama and the foal wondering how things were going to be.  I was hoping that he would choose to participate but I wasn't 100% sure. ... Read post
    I'm loving working with Mama and the foal.   Today Mama was like, Would you just go away and let Tania and I hang out? Just goes to prove that all Mum's have their ... Read post
    I saw the best thing tonight down at the races in Cambridge. A guy grooming his horse before it raced.   And guess what?  It was, like ours, chilled out, relaxed and ... Read post
    I got a huge surprise today with the little one. So, first off, yesterday he was still sulking.  Mama and I just had a chat, hung out, I did not touch the little one or even ... Read post
    Ok, so I'm finally sitting down, the fire's going (I know! we hit a really cold bit), I've got a cuppa and a delicious slice of caramel pie so I thought I'd catch you up on our ... Read post
    I started work with the foal today.   It was windy and looked like rain but once I know I can start with a horse I always want to start immediately.  My hands tingle and ... Read post
    Oh f*k.  I've just made a boo boo. Actually, make that two. 1) I worked with a horse, got 85% success and, since we had got such good results and it wasn't difficult to get ... Read post
    Ok, so it's Day 4 of Sodium Vitamin C and I'm loving it.  I love the way that I am feeling and it definitely cuts my appetite down.  In fact, my ... Read post
    You know, one of the funniest things that I come across with my horses is when a horse I'm not there to see, tries to get my attention. And I've got a real cutie on the go at the ... Read post
    Ok, so I need a new Plan A. Well, that's not 100% true but it's not, not true if you know what I mean.  We're back to food.   I am seeing a huge difference in ... Read post
    So, Flash is on the mend.  Still looking extremely ribby but is eating like an elephant so I'm guessing the weight should be coming back pretty quick.  And I've started ... Read post
    I want you to open your mind for a minute... No, not until your brains fall out, thank you very much.  However, just for a teensy minute I want you to put to the side ... Read post
    I love my TB. Caps is the first thing I see in the morning, has his before breakfast snack with me and a bit of a Hi, how you doing? then we have breakfast, ... Read post
    Note to self: When someone says, Hey, do you want to come pick up some hay and we'll give you a bbq after...  do not just hear, Free dinner.   And when I offer ... Read post
    So, today was a little odd because I was a little off centre.  Not hormonally challenged, no no they were all playing nicely but just, you know, off.  So, I knew I wasn't ... Read post
    Wow, it's been crazy busy. Missy is making me dig deep.  To use every sense I have to make every day better.  More connected.  More life enhancing. And I have to ... Read post
    So, Missy and I have a foundation. Now we can build on it. And that's what we've been doing.  She hears me.  Tick.  I hear her.  Tick.  She trusts me. ... Read post
    Well, first off, taking a few days break from Missy was an excellent idea.   Sometimes this happens.  We get results and then everyone goes a bit funky - kind of ... Read post
    I'm a size 10!! Halle-freaking-llujah. I wasn't fitting my shorts so popped down to get some new ones since, well, I wear them when I'm with the horses so I needed some.  I ... Read post
    I am so proud of myself! Missy and I were standing there watching two horses train this morning and they looked so cute all geared up, but when they came in, for the very first ... Read post
    Boom, baby. Missy's talking. I love this part.  Actually, I love every part of this process.  But when the door swings open, it's beautiful. And that's where ... Read post
      I've spoken to Caps this morning about Buzz and his lack of manners and asked him to sort this out. This is good on many levels, the main one being, ... Read post
  I LOVE Fenny! Not only is she super cute, but she's so tiny.  I mean, when I take Caps through their paddock to go out Fenny just stands there looking at him in awe, Whooo...he's ... Read post
  And the little ones were uber well behaved on their visit today.   Right up to the time I said, Time to go!  Which naturally made Chew take a pee.   Inside. ... Read post
  I can't believe how busy it's getting here. But not crazy busy like it has been, but rather soul connected and contented busy. Mostly because I've had to make some choices, take ... Read post