Horse Sense....

                      So it's been crazy busy here. About 10 days ago I heard Mumma's Energy go out. Well, that's not 100% right.  The ... Read post
                        So now bloody Lily has decided to go Brood on me. But I've got smart... I now spatula her off and out of the ... Read post
                     I was reading in the Herald today, that there is Scientific proof that food can be as addictive as cocaine. There's ... Read post
                      So we got down to 2 eggs! I went all over Google to find out what other peeps had done, and the most common solution ... Read post
                       Vaccine's for 5 year olds just got approved. I bloody told you so. **** So who saw our ... Read post
                                         So in the NZ herald today it states: In New ... Read post
                         Ok, so what started off as two ducks joining our feed now...well, I turned around ... Read post
                       Belle's baby Daddy colt just won again. It is just so cool that the colts are winning.   And yes, I am ... Read post
                        OMG the weather has been divine here! We have all done nothing apart from hang out in the sun, snooze, eat and ... Read post
                        Well, it's been both quite quiet after last week and a little frustrating. Let's start with the frustrating ... Read post
                        It took over an hour for breakfast this morning, because I refused to just feed Mumma and Belle, and Cappy ... Read post
                               Oh My Fucking God. I swear, hand on hoof, I only took my eye off Mumma for ... Read post
                         As I'm writing this, we have a new stable, metal gate, coming. Well, actually, it arrived this afternoon ... Read post
                                Ok, so I was talking to our Trainer today, re Boo-ba-licious and swapsies with Belle ... Read post
                      Ok, so we have a tentative date to snip the young one next week. Working on weather and any other out of our hands ... Read post
                        So that bloody rooster went rogue on me! And it goes like this: My eggs just started to go down a little ... Read post
                        Belle's baby Daddy colt just won again - 2 for 2. Super fucking happy, but the pressure has gone on for us ... Read post
                            It's been a bloody brilliant week. Yes, the weather has been crap a lot of it, although the ... Read post
                      Ok, so we got a final result from the Cannabanoid oil - I ended up putting on weight. The calories got less by 600 per ... Read post
                         I'm getting phenomenal results. * Day 4 - Had another fantastic sleep last night.  Blood sugar ... Read post
                     So Boo-ba-licious is being a giangantic pain in the ass at the moment. Mainly because he is missing ... Read post
                           You know why I love Az? He's bloody hilarious. Not only does he have the most fantastic ... Read post
                                   As I'm writing this our cows have gone to another home. It was not ... Read post
                     An exiting day today because Nana, the young one (on video chat) and I are going to go see Belle on the track at ... Read post
                       So y'all, do you know the difference between Silverbeet and Chard? If you had asked me 24 hours ago I would have ... Read post
                      So Donz cornered me for a chat today, and it went like this... You need to feed us.  This grass is shite, and we ... Read post
                                        So Chew has found out how to eat the chicken ... Read post