Horse Sense....

                                  So Lil's was well enough to spend time outside on the deck today. Not long, ... Read post
                                                      ... Read post
                       I told you that the Interest Rates would go up. ASB housing variable rate will go from 5.85% to 6.35% as of 20th ... Read post
                                 So the Wet, wild and scary weather turned into just a snotty Winter's ... Read post
                              I have to do a proud Mumma moment today! My son, Liam just got his second Masters ... Read post
                                                    You know there ... Read post
                                     A weird, but very cool thing happened this morning at feed out ... Read post
                                 I don't know about you, but I'm mighty tired with this Energy. I'm always ... Read post
                                  You know, it is not that I am disorganised, it is because of Daylight ... Read post
                                    Karaka check out the babes. I got smart and went early yesterday ... Read post
                                      Boo-ba-licious at his favorite past time, if you don't count ... Read post
                                    I got to see 4 of the 10 races tonight, we missed the first ... Read post
                        So two things with Mr Boo-ba-licious:  1) That boy can run. Whooooooooo....I've watched him be 3 ... Read post
                                 So I was going to Cambridge tonight, then realized I had double booked myself, ... Read post
                                    I'm loving this Seed and Nut cycling.   It is just so ... Read post
                                  Jezus...I have never in all my years, experienced anything like ... Read post
                     So I kitted the little ones out in their new winter jackets. Well, technically I had two from last winter, ... Read post
                               So Mumma's taken things into her own hooves, and she refuses to allow Boo-ba-licious ... Read post
                                   So with this crap weather we've been having Spirit have been making big ... Read post
                                                      ... Read post
                              Do you know what I love? Is that everyone I know and deal with, is all about not just the ... Read post
                                 So I had a very weird conversation with our farrier today. Do you remember ... Read post
                            Told you that Russia would invade Ukraine. I'm totally rooting for Ukraine as I have friends from ... Read post
                       So I come home early evening of Day 10, and there Belle is standing at the gate, kinda moving. It was weird. I ... Read post
                                 Oh man, we have been so busy here, blog has taken a back seat. But to catch ... Read post
                      Our new Racing Colours got ordered today and should be here within 10 days!! We won't be racing in 10 days, but we've ... Read post