Horse Sense....

      So, Mares has a new party trick.   Just to make sure I know that she doesn't want hay (she want's baleage), she throws all her hay out of her bucket and then kicks the ... Read post
    Ok, so I'm baby shopping at the moment. And as I'm writing this, I haven't found my baby daddy.  I thought I had but apparently Mares can't have a baby to her ... Read post
    So, the banana skins started putting weight on me. I know!  Not happy. I put on about 2 kgs, possibly 3, I refuse to get on the scales.  On a positive note though, by ... Read post
    Mares is packing on the weight.   Finally. We've got it all working.  Her tummy's on track, she's balanced, happy and generally rocking and rolling, baby.  I'm ... Read post
     It's been crazy busy this week. Everyone I know who is close to me, is having success and I am super proud of, and for, them.  They've all worked hard and deserve these ... Read post
    So, D our new farrier rocked over today.   I've actually known him a fair few years now, but you know, farriers are like hairdressers - you don't step out on the one you have, ... Read post
    Was at Cambridge races last night - it was freaking cool! I love being with the horses down at the stables, and the Energy is just so lovely in Cambridge.  I didn't freeze ... Read post
    I had the oddest conversation today and it went like this... I had the most beautiful horse, then he started having these weird symptoms, then got sick and in the end I had to put ... Read post
    I've just realized that Mares and I haven't been hanging out and having fun like we used to.   I mean, we hang out, and she sees a lot of me but with the mud, rain, more rain, ... Read post
      Why did you not remind me that I am not a professional horse person but rather, a chick who talks to horses? I know!  You're very naughty. Anyhou, moving right ... Read post
    Mary's better, so the conundrum I have now, is moving her forward.  She needs to do some work, but just a little bit because she is still not 100%.  So my ... Read post
    Wow! The Energy was really loud today. I'd been really busy and all of a sudden I tipped.  So, I was in and out at the stables and then headed down to my Spiritual pools. ... Read post
      I knew I was right! The mice did move out, because a Mother f*king huge black rat has moved in to our barn.  In fact, the bl**dy thing is so large I actually ... Read post
    Suzie Q is driving me a little bit nuts. She is not participating with me.   Exactly like Chew used to act. So, now she understands everything that I want and on a good ... Read post
    Mary, fingers crossed, seems to be on the up and up with her tummy improving.  However, it's early days and far too soon for me to be super confident, but I am slightly ... Read post
    So, the funniest thing in the morning is when my guys and girls at home, see me come out the french doors and put on my boots.  They hoon up from the lake paddock, by-pass me ... Read post
    Ok, so my new plan is to find out how to get a hot water shower running downstairs from my tub to outside, so I can wash the mini's without giving them pneumonia. That's as far as ... Read post
,    I'm happy with Missy.  We have a relationship. **** The foals are super cute and I love working with the girls.   The one in the paddock over is super snuggly and ... Read post
    Ok, so your favorite Psychic just went a** over t*t and smacked her head on the concrete.   Not my finest hour. And it wasn't my fault.  Well, ok, maybe it ... Read post
    Ralph and Chew are in time out. I know!   They're mischevious but it's rare that they are naughty, but they were today. They know better than to go to the bins in the shed ... Read post
    It's been super crazy here.   The little one that I see, I growled at the other day.  I don't know whether it's because he's an orphan that his horse/human door ... Read post
    Missy did ok at the races. She didn't win or place but our foundations are solid.  We're not doing a one night stand, baby.  The foundations that we have, and continue to ... Read post
    So, the first one of my little new ones is happily communicating.  Not talking but you know, playing.  And I've found his spot.   It's hilarious. ... Read post
    Man, this Energy is loud. And when I talk about Energy being loud, it means that I am listening to what humans are telling me verbally but it is their Energy which is ... Read post
    And it goes like this... The little one's being weaned.  So, little colty boy is in a completely different part of stable - out the back in the paddocks - and Mumsy is in ... Read post
    Ok, so it works out that I made a boo boo by putting Sir Loin in a paddock by himself.   Apparently, when you have a frisky, testosterone fuelled bull the ... Read post
    I was back grooming the little one today. First Mama and then him. And there he was, Whatcha doing?  as he's popping his head over, under and round.   Grooming. ... Read post