Horse Sense....

    Ok, I think Chew's doing the dodge on me. No seriously, I may be a slightly mad, paranoid and totally suspicious Cancer girl but I swear, hand on hoof, Chew's stepping out on me. ... Read post
    The kindness won. Now forgive me here, because I ususally write this blog every day or second day and I'm writing it all at once tonight, and if I'm being honest, I don't know ... Read post
    So it works out I've found my voice. I'm doing talking vid's now because I just can't not talk about stuff.  I love writing about everything, but I love talking ... Read post
    Really loving these vid's with Mares and baby Mares at the moment, and I am often putting up 2 or 3 a day. Mostly because we have so much fun with them but secondly, I'm pretty ... Read post
    And Peanut left for his new home today. He's gone to a beautiful home, not just with his new people but literally, his own home.  Check out the photo's below.  Anyway, it ... Read post
    Ok, you have no idea how much not being able to lead Mares up is annoying me. But wait, I can lead other horses at the stables.  Not all of them, granted, but more than one of ... Read post
    I got invited to see a new Natural Horsemanship (not race horse) trainer yesterday.  Thank you very much, it was very enlightening. On a completely different ... Read post
    And mares has just realized her food has actually changed, it's not just a one feed change, and she is not a happy camper. There's been lots of hoof stomping, ... Read post
    Ok, so let me catch you up... So, back to last week when I woke up one morning and Spirit said, Mares needs a scan and that was a No, but we did bloods. Well, all her ... Read post
    So I decided that I wanted Mares to have a scan, and the conversation went like this... No. But seriously, it did go like this: Is there something wrong with Mary? Is the foal ... Read post
    At Cambridge last night.  It was a rockstar night. I loved the Energy but the big thing is that the waves of Energy started to connect. That's the only way I can ... Read post
    So it was race night tonight, and I got to work with a horse.   I really love the racing part.   Do I agree with everything that happens?  No.  But do I love ... Read post
    I would like to say this week calmed down, but it did not.  However, I am not complaining, but I am doing a quick prayer every night that tomorrow morning Fenny will let ... Read post
    So there's been lots of horses this week so far, and they'll be a whole heap more before I'm finished this week, because it's Karaka tomorrow and Monday. But you know, there's been ... Read post
    Ok, this week's been crazy so I haven't written every day or couple of days, so let me start with how things are right now, and then work backwards. Fenny went into labour tonight. ... Read post
    Man, it's gone crazy here! The weather, after bitching and whinging that it wasn't Summer like is Summer with a Capital A.   The weather is gorgeous with blue skies ... Read post
    Mares is cool, the little ones at home are cool, Caps is super cool and Az is a dude. The girl cows are also happy, well and joyful. Mares is always standing waiting for me, not ... Read post
    So, I almost backed out. Well, no surprises there.  But let me back track a little... So, at 10am we started to shift Buzz and the girls up the driveway to the holding pen, ... Read post
    So it was Cambridge tonight. Very cool, I loved the vibe, but mostly that was because I hung with the horses.  Nothing wrong with the humans, I just had no interest in being ... Read post
    I'm loving Mares. We've run into a slight issue of when I took off her jacket, she's got a bit of rain scald - well, I think it's rain scald.  Her fur is coming out in tuffs. ... Read post
    So it's been quiet here. I have just had the pleasure of being with the horses.   We have hung out, chatted, had a bit of play/touch and generally just been ... Read post
    So got to the stables this morning and Mares is bouncing round the paddock. And not in a, Man, I'm feeling amazing! kind of way.  Think more hooning from one side of ... Read post
    So the young one gets home, walks out to the paddock to see Hef, takes one look at him and goes, OMG he's huge!  Time for him to go to the works. **** And now Mares has ... Read post
    Ok, so everything's settled down at home. Hefner and the playgirls are on baleage twice a day, Hef's a bit miffy as he wants his hard feed twice a day but you know, I'm the boss ... Read post
    So, it's been a bit busy here... First off, I am not a fan of Mares new feed and the reason for this is, I hate the way it smells.  I thought maybe I could have been a ... Read post
    Mares bloods are perfect. Because I do my own vitamins and herbs as Mares and I talk about things, I decided that maybe I should get some bloods done, just so I know that ... Read post