Horse Sense....

                                                   Az and I got ... Read post
                                 So we've been working on boundaries here. My one was quite easy...I just turn ... Read post
                                                 The farrier came today ... Read post
                                      Bit of a short one this week, but first off let me say that my ... Read post
                                Az  Chew Suz This is all fixable and I'll give you x-rays in another 3 ... Read post
                                  Today was a Good News - Seriously Bad News - Better News Day. Almost killed ... Read post
                                 So I'm getting things really right...and not-so-much. With my big horses - ... Read post
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                                 There is this split second of a second moment, when I'm physically watching ... Read post
                                                   So the storm ... Read post
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                        And Boo-ba-licious had his first baby trial today!! Well, when they changed the babies ages to 1st January, ... Read post
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                                    It has just taken me 20 seconds to put $50 worth of diesel in my ... Read post
                                So I think I've got my feed back on track. Well, first off, I've gone back to the ... Read post
                               I'm really lucky, my neighbours are all super lovely. Most either have horses, ... Read post
                                And I got  my horses (all 7) wormed within 15 minutes. I tell you what, that ... Read post
                                    So I go out this afternoon and Az and Ralphy poo are outside just ... Read post
                                   And I had some brilliant news today. Works out, while I was trying to ... Read post
                                    So I ended up racing with the horses tonight on the ... Read post
                                  I lasted 6 days with the no-poo. I tried my best, and for 4 days, I did ... Read post
                                     So it's been a bit cold here. But I was still persevering with ... Read post
                                     And the Botox party is over, baby. We thought it might have ... Read post
                                 Chew loves this new product and has taken to hanging round nonchalantly, ... Read post
                                 Chew's hooves are insane. They grow at such a rate that we were talking today ... Read post