Horse Sense....

                     I just want it noted here that Dino, 100% polydactyl Maine coon, who eats (partly with biscuits) 100% pure veal, has ... Read post
                                  A I am writing this, 10.27 pm on Wednesday night, my beautiful Maine coon ... Read post
                     Well, Karaka was super fucking disappointing today. Two thirds less than normal, of people. Almost 50% of ... Read post
                     Cappy and Mumma bear are quite unsettled. There seems to be no discernable reason for this, just running round like mad ... Read post
                      So the Energy has been quieter, well to be fair, most things would have been quieter than last week.  It was ... Read post
                     So Belles bloods just came back and everything is perfect. Just waiting to see that Belles hoof does its hoof thing ... Read post
                     So I'm going really well with the food combinations, but still periodically, I hit a dead end. Things which should ... Read post
                      You know what I love the most about Mumma Bear? She's so, I have no idea what you're talking about.... And ... Read post
                         It was an incredible trip. I could look back over the past 4 years, and saw in hindsight, that every ... Read post
                      Love you lots, having a fabulous time. See you next week. **** Kissy hugs Caps, me (T - she/her), Spirit, Az, ... Read post
                       Love you lots, having a fabulous time. See you next week. **** Kissy hugs Caps, me (T - she/her), Spirit, ... Read post
                      Well, well, well eh? So a company down the line is doing both illegal and dangerous things. Illegal as, Goes ... Read post
                         Oh...the Energy is sooooooooooo weird here at the moment. I know that Spirit are trying to get messages ... Read post
                        OMFG I am eating so many eggs at the moment, it's crazy. Betwen 12 and 18 a week. I literally can't get enough ... Read post
                       So everyone has jackets on. The little ones and Az were first. In fact, Chew was actually pushing in and ... Read post
                                           So I love Full Moons. Partly because I am ... Read post
                        Damn...I love my horses. They are so unbelievably honest. So the weather has been so good, the little ones and ... Read post
                        Went to put the chickens to bed tonight, and there they all are just standing around, gossiping and doing fuck ... Read post
                             So I found out what was going wrong with Az's hooves. Me. I fucked up. So the farrier ... Read post
                                                        ... Read post
                        I fly out Easter Friday to see Liam and get there Easter Friday!!   Whcih I have to say is my ... Read post
                                   If there is anything I know, beyond a reasonable doubt, it is ... Read post
                                    I gave the chickens some freshly made rolls from a reputable ... Read post
                                                      ... Read post
                                 Well, the Reflexology is working. Finally narrowed things down a bit, read ... Read post
                                    Shelley, our chicken, has been poisioned. Fuck only knows how, but ... Read post