Horse Sense....




Morning of 46

And another picture...

And actual morning picture - the scabs broken again.

And night of 46

An excellent day at Karaka, a few surprises though.

One of the, Jezus, WTF happened?  You look like a grub...

Another of the, You're not that fucking successful to be treating servers like that.

I kidd you not, he stood behind me in line and threw (yes, you read that right), threw his cashflow card at the woman behind the counter that I was talking to.

He aimed for her face but missed.

I've never been too keen on this driver/trainer though as I've watched him blink before.

He thinks I'm too stupid to notice.

But he also thinks you're a c**t, because he got away with it.

The funny thing is though, the really successful trainers never act like that, they have too much Mana.

Two lovely surprises, and one lovely gentleman who when I spoke about Stallions, started me off on another path. 

He knew exactly what I was talking about.

See?  It's time.


Morning of 47 - we are getting beautiful results now.

Still morning, but another angle.

And close up, because I'm pretty damn proud of how she is.

You're not going to fucking believe this....

The Oil DROPS that we were using, and worked amazingly, they've just added to the basic formula on me.

That changes everything. 

Every.  Fucking.  Thing.

How do you make God laugh?

Tell him your plans.

Wait...wait...wait...I need to share something here with you which came up right at the beginning, and never left.

When I checked in with Spirit (which I did constantly) a card which kept coming through was, Won the fight, lost the battle, and for the life of me, I couldn't understand what Spirit meant because Belles was either going to get better or she wasn't.

This would account for that Energy.

BUT...we also need to be aware that it coulld be that Belles Heals, but cannot race.

That would really fuck me off.  I would ten thousand times prefer Belles to hit the track, and not be able to make time...and it be a failure that way, rather than a stupid paddock accident which means that we won't know how my Breeding went.

Everything for my next breed is based on whether Belles and Boo-ba-licious's Breeding has been successful.

And not successful in them being able to hit the track, but successful as in I couldn't have done any better AND them being able to win and place on the track.

That I did the jigsaw right.

However, it could also mean that the Holistic Heal took longer than conventional.

On a positive note, we have the books, photo's twice a day, footnotes, side notes, Things that don't fit notes and anything and everything in between.

That is no small feat.

And to be fair, we're only 3/4 through the Heal - there may still be things to come that I don't know about.

Night of 47

And close up, because I LOVE close-up's.


Morning of 48 - check it out!!

Clever Belles

And close up, because as we know, I LOVE close up's haha

And night of 48 - I don't really understand how this is Healing.

To me, it looks like two steps forward, one step back, but no matter what, we're Healing, and well.

I would like to understand the process a bit more though.  

Maybe I will looking back.

And Belles is doing her Houdini act again and somehow broke her halter again.  I couldn't even see where she had broken it, just that it was consistently coming off her nose.

So I got her a new one.

As I'm writing this, I still have it and Belles is feeling very proud of herself.

But...and this is the thing here, she wants to go back out with Cappy and Mumma and frollick in all 6 big paddocks.

Ah, Hell No.

First:  Halter on.

Second:  Farrier, who is currently not working because he has the flu.

Third: I need to know for sure that wound is Healed...and refer to First.

And Spirit are funny at the moment.  As one part of my body is Healing, another part needs rebalancing.

Not a big deal overall.

But anyway, I booked to see one Practioner, and 3 times, on 3 separate occasions, it didn't happen, and I work on the, Three strikes and you're out rule.

Which literally means that, If three times we need to cancel, I'm not supposed to see you.  

No biggie, best we don't waste each others time.

But anyway, I tried to see another Practioner who did the same kind of work and I said to Spirit, Put me in front of the place I'm supposed to go.

So there I was and saw a sign for the Practioner I wanted.  I parked and went in. 

Nope, she hasn't been coming in.  

What.  The.  Fuck.

So I walked back out.

But there I was in Dreamstate this morning, lying in that beautiful state between awake and asleep and went, Acupuncture will sort this!

What was the business that I had walked into yesterday?

Correct.  Acupuncture.


Tracked the business down and got an appointment today, and OMFG the guy is blow-your-mind amazing.

Told me what was wrong as I walked in the room, then did body work with the Acupuncture.

This means that he doesn't stick the needle in and leave, he literally puts the needle into the nerve that we're dealing with, then does Body work to correct said nerve.

An amazing experience, can't wait to go back.

And yes, I still have to see original Practioner, but not for another two weeks, and a completely different person.

** Mumma had pulled a muscle kicking out again so I gave her some oil DROPS (original drops that we've been using - 15 drops) this morning and some of our Blended oil in her feed tonight.

Then completely freaked out as she sat down in front of the house and then didn't move.

Worked out, she was just happy as, sittiing down (a non-event when the young one was here due to his pounce-bite-jump-rear trick).  

Might have given her too much of the drops this morning, or maybe the mix of both wasn't what I planned.

She's fine as I went out with torch, gave her a pat, then pat down, then when she got up, I gave her a banana.  So she really is fine.

I've got to work smarter with these dosages, I'm scaring myself half to death some days.


Moorning of 49

Mumma has an abscess, not a strain, so I fed her and Cappy in the stables tonight.

So she was definitely off yesterday, but she is just hanging round with Cappy and they seem fine. 

And we have a goose.  Gander? Anyway, male goose...and I feel a bit bad about it.

Because my lovely neighbours bought it, it travelled 4 hours to come live with them, spied my pond and decided he would prefer to live here and refuses to go home.


Night of 49


Morning of 50

Night of 50 - I'm fascinated with this Healing.

It's so crazy to watch.

Yes - it's Healing.

Not as I expect.

But every day it's less and smaller and the ugly comes from the inside out.

Got an email from the Oil drop people who said not to panic, Original Oil drops could still be ordered and we could have a chat.

Will let you know when chat has happened.


Morning of 51 - check out that cutie!

Close up - How beautiful is that?

Tonight - night of 51.  Belles food intake has decreased, well, as the body gets healthier, she needs less.

Also, only Pure Ascorbic Vitamin C in morning and soon I will drop it to every other morning.

She was in a right cow of a mood tonight though, squealing and kicking out.  

Although, to be fair, she might be in season and she can be a bit munty around that time.

Also, caught up with my Naturopath today.

It is such a cool experience to talk about your body's Health with someone who recognizes your body as a unique entity.

Oil is working well, we haven't got the Thyroid right.  Working with how my body's reacting, we needed to go back and look at other options.

New Plan A winging it's way to my home.

It is so free-ing to speak about Health in a Constant-Energy-Moving way though.  

You then look at your Health as an ever-changing journey, and not a sickness.


Morning of 52

And close up...

And night of 52 - you know, I'm pretty damn proud of this wound.

Watching it is a quite beautiful experience and seeing how it's scabbing, there should (fingers crossed and holding my tongue a particular way) an exponential Heal by tomorrow.

Just had a chat with our Oil drops people and no, I did get it right.

The base oil IS exactly the same...they've just added 2 extra things in.


That's our week, baby doll, take what you need, leave the rest.

Love ya xx

Kissy hugs

Caps, me (T - she/her), Spirit, Az, Ralph, Chew, Suz, and of course, my beautiful Mumma Bear, Belle and Boo-ba-licious, Pat, Chuck, Rose, Pepper, Shelley, Marmite, Geraldine, Milli, Bessie, Raz, Sugar, Butter, Cookie and Cinammon, and the cows, Mickey, Mikey and Moose.

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